SM break 

I’m taking an ig break and trying to decide whether mstdn counts in that. I don’t think so lol. CWs got me me feeling good

@oya I think so. Does that mean I won’t be able to follow their acct? Or see their posts

I never felt comfortable saying folks or folx lol

I just say people

@wenotfreeyet Aw awesome! Can someone boost the fundraiser pinned in my profile at the top? I don’t have a bird acct

unpopular opinion 

@Frogluvr91 we live in tomato town but not loot lake

1900$ left! Went from 1850$ to 3100$ in a few days. Let’s keep it up and get to the end goal of 5,000$ by the end of February.

Black Trans Yelders🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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seeking: Chinese astrologers who can do BaZi 八字 charts 

Please send recommendations

taking music playlist reccs 

Catchy upbeat music playlists for when you’re understimulated and in nervous system freeze?

@felineforestmedicine I always get interstellar and inception mixed up in my mind lol
That reminds me of Kill Bill and other moves by that dude whose name I can’t remember. Cus when I hang out with my dad we always watch a lot of movies and shows together I mean that’s my childhood. When u have a dad who is a Gemini moon, that tv stay on

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Transness and Black Spirituality, ig link 

@adae it’s powerful, the book so far

Transness and Black Spirituality, ig link 

@wenotfreeyet wow damn. I just read the non binary writing. Powerful

Transness and Black Spirituality, ig link 

@wenotfreeyet yay I just got the prayer book

A song for you, friends. Amazing Grace, a cover from me to you. There are some beautiful words about how we are all stars in the cosmos, and about deep rest. I would SO love if you could listen and read if you feel down, or up, or sideways, or inception-ized. Boosts welcome because this is a Pisces season message and transmission of DEEP ancestral love for y’all. Like I’m talking before humans before planets. Yeah, we goin’ deep.

Transness and Black Spirituality, ig link 

@wenotfreeyet ohhh that’s awesome!! J mase iii is a twin like I am! I actually don’t know lady dane figueroa edidi

Yeah I think I have to get the Black Trans prayer book. Cus I’m realizing like damn I might be trans. When it really comes down to a decolonized view of Transness

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