If u don’t rest today I will be quite bothered
Photo of frog along with aforementioned text

fwoggie @senzubean

serotonin boost, cat chirping at birbs 

White text reads: The birds come to see Geri often...
And Geri is being like this
Video of a cat chirping out the window at birds

A poem about bodies by Tai

This is a poem about my ancestry, chronic condition, neurodivergence, and the intersection of those. Boosts welcome.


Boosting with new hashtags

Sunny is a Black Trans Disabled Person who is seeking Housing due to their sublet being up soon. They are looking to raise $700 in funds for a deposit to move.

Venmo @salmations
Cashapp: $mxsunny

Can someone toot this with the mutual aid hashtag as well?

Venmo @salmations
Cashapp: $mxsunny

And it shows.


I’m Black. I’m disabled. I’ve got severe Hemophilia and I’m ND.

So that brings me here. Non-Black ppl, what have you done for a Black Disabled person this week? This month? Your entire life?

Pay up
Venmo @TaiCK
Boost posts on my profile
Black disabled ppl reply with ur $handles

Give your energy/time in researching housing, jobs, for Black Disabled people who are looking
And change that BLM header to Reparations Are Due

The non-binary in me leaving when I talk about the struggles of being a Black woman. [Image of someone’s body floating above their body, suggesting they left their body.]

I’m sorry but this is funny and relatable af. Aint no GNC without Blackness anyway. Black people can be whatever we want. We define shit now. Yep. We in charge.

Posting for a community member

Can someone please tag this in mutual aid since I can’t access that group tag anymore?

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