EC, new trans earrings 

My new earrings make me happy

[Tai, a Blasian non binary person with curly long brown hair and a blue tank top shirt with a flower pattern, wears earrings with a trans symbol and looks into the camera, touching their hair]

My Black Trans friend hasn’t been able to eat since Tuesday because of lack of funds. That ain’t right. Reparations please. Venmo @ godisgoodj

Please share and support Sunny, a Black Trans Non Binary Disabled community leader. They’ve help run a Trans COVID supplies initiative and now they need help with survival after losing a job.


Pls share🖤reparations for a Black Trans Colombian woman, remember the currency rate exchange means 400 USD can be a month of rent and 50 USD can be groceries.


Pls share, mutual aid for a momma💜and 2 year old child, in need of groceries ASAP

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex with foreword by Cece McDonald

This book! Sib read me a few pages

Kitty ec 

Photo of Tai holding nephew Naji kitty, a black and white kitty nephew who Tai loves with all of Tai’s heart.

If u don’t rest today I will be quite bothered
Photo of frog along with aforementioned text

fwoggie @senzubean

Someone with spoons pls boost

Let’s take care of our community in Texas

serotonin boost, cat chirping at birbs 

White text reads: The birds come to see Geri often...
And Geri is being like this
Video of a cat chirping out the window at birds

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