Gender hormone therapy question 

I’m considering microdosing T with the gel but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know if there’s a guide, a text hotline, an organization for Black trans people, or resources on Tik Tok of Black or Blasian trans people talking about microdosing T?

I’m curious about permanent changes as well as good things to know, I’m just wanting to affirm my enby identity a bit more

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Gender hormone therapy question 

@felineforestmedicine this is a region/locality-specific group, but it's a Black and trans-led organization and this is their transmasc/non-binary initiative. they might be able to help you out with finding a better resource if they can't support you directly.

Gender hormone therapy question 

@felineforestmedicine This exists - it’s a general peer support network, but they do text sessions if you prefer and seem able to provide other resources if needed. TBuddy was created by the people involved with .

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