gotta start a poetry thread

(1) The Witch Reads Me My Birthchart by Eloisa Amezcua:

(4) "if you believe me to be your enemy know this I accept
terrible revenge in merciless clots of love


I have not threatened your soft moments and yet you are threatened"

I Must Become A Menace To My Enemies by Ryan Dzelzkalns:

(5) qtine thoughts (w/ a line from Psych lol) by Jess Rizkallah:

[im a mess over this poem holy shit]

and let me plug in one of my favorite articles ive written (its aged a bit but still good at its heart)

100 of my Favorite Poets For Your Survival Pack by Alexis:

(9) a possible tw for self harm in this poem

The B-Sides of the Golden Records, Track Five: “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder” by Sumita Chakraborty:

safia elhillo is one of my absolute favorite poets/writers and this is also a favorite (which is saying something because it takes so much for me to focus on audio):

(13) Day 29 (2020) by Jamila Woods:

(be sure to check out her music too!)

(19) this is one of my absolute favorites, but i be looking sideways at *everyone* having access to it lol

My Phone Autocorrects “Nigga” to “Night”
By Karisma Price:

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