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transphobia, anti-blackness, abuse 

I’m collecting mutual aid & reparations on behalf of my friend who is recovering from gaslighting related to childhood sexual abuse, verbal/emotional family abuse/transphobia while caring for their grandma in her end of life stage, & transphobia, ableism, & racism from their white roommates.
Raised: 580/7500$
funds will be used for housing, food, T, therapy
give them their flowers

venmo @TaiCK


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Don’t forget, it has been a traumatic year for Black people. White people, how are you going into this new Gregorian year without adding to the problem (and not just writing BLM in your bio🧐)

Reparations for Black Trans survival, Black neuroqueer survival, and funding Black Trauma Healing sessions,

@mirroredlove_ (link in their bio)

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“ontological slavery happens *before* the enslaver interacts directly with the enslaved. they have already decided what you are & what you will be, what "rights" you do or don't have. what happens from there is just details.

many beings have been ontologically oppressed for some period of time, by someone, at one point or another.

what is unique about anti-Blackness is the *global consensus* on the status of Black people, and its enduring length - since at least the 7th century (the 600s) A.D.

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Talking about Black And Brown Sex Workers, the reason we are here today boycotting IG, Blackness, Whiteness, Model Minority Myth, my Access Boundaries, and pandemic brokenness in neurodivergent people (which DOESNT mean u have access to generational wealth🙄 or buy weed every week)

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Hi! I’m Tai. 22 yr old non binary neurodivergent Black and Taiwanese/Chinese somatic practitioner. Things I love are: cats, lgbtq and black justice memes, the forest. I want to share somatic healing and anti oppressive content here. I also like to share my creative expressions of poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

No offense but when coders boost mutual aid toots and I don’t see the mutual aid funds added to, well, you’re not lit

Go check on ur mutual aid friends posts and reboost them, even if you already did. Keep getting them seen. That shit matters!

Advice for vision-perceiving humans:

Look 20 ft away from ur phone screen after every 20 minutes of use

(Or close ur eyes for 20 seconds

CW: school/academia 

Although I did learn that the US caused the Gulf of Tonkin in a false flag, causing the Vietnam war. Learned that in a HS class with a teacher who made us read A People’s History by Howard Zinn. We also learned about how race was utilized as a divide and conquer when poor black and white farmers came together to try to rebel against and overthrow higher status people. Govt enforced racial discrimination to divide the ppl so those with more $ and status couldn’t be overthrown

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CW: academia/school 

Taking a Disability Studies class changed my life because it was one of the first classes I’d taken in which society was said to be at fault and the roots of these faults were explored, while celebrating those who didn’t fit into norms, those with differences from the norms

Constructing Normalcy on page 3 is a great read. I hate how disability studies can be too white though. Black Disability studies are where it’s at. Anyone have resources?^

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European invention of the word normal in relation to bodies around 1840s 

In order to justify that only bodies that could work in industrial places could be considered okay. This creeped into beauty standards, body standards, etc.

Highly suggest the “Constructing Normalcy” by Davis

in this free Disability Studies reader.

​to anyone having a bad mental health time, I’m sorry and virtual hug if wanted.

Writing to you tonight. I’m so sorry. Why you and not me? Could have been any of us neurodivergent Black people.

Black Autistic Lives Matter.
Matthew, I’m sorry. When you get back to your home (and out of modern day plantations), you will be embraced by the most love in the world.


“Convenient is just another word for privilege” - Tajh Jordan

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