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Selfie, eye contact 

Here, have some pics so you know what my non binary azz looks like.

[Tai, a non binary Blasian person takes a selfie in the mirror. They are wearing glasses, a green crop tank top, green shorts, and have a green marker self-drawn tattoo of nettle in their right arm. Their hair is curly, brown, and tied back.]

[Tai, a non binary Blasian person holds their cat nephew. Tai has two braids, a maroon crop top and black cargo pants. They hold their long cat nephew, Naji, who is a black and white cat]

Mutual aid request:

Trans community member has had no food for days. Anyone have one of those free meal kit boxes they could ship or food delivery service gift cards? Dm me if so and I can give you her Facebook profile to dm

winter weather, $$ mutual aid 

Pls boost and see original post in thread

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CN: Rant about ytness, privilege, greed, non-redistribution

I also feel like people were giving so much more mutual aid 2020 and 2021. Like please remember your hearts peeps. People really out here struggling for the basics. If you have expendable income, have societal privileges like being white, generational wealth, etc, please don’t turn away from these kinds of requests.

Check out initiatives like Redistribute your wealth. And please, redistribute what you can, especially to Black people in the US and around the world, victimized or marginalized groups who are socially, physically, emotionally targeted. It’s just exhausting how many times people who are marginalized have to remind those who hold societal power, that this game is very real, even if you don’t know or forget because you have privilege and comfort. Stop forgetting!!! It’s causing damage and if you have privilege without doing anything, you’re part of the collateral damage

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winter weather, meal kit free box request, $$ mutual aid, Aka begpost 

Additionally, if you have any free meal kit boxes, credits, or coupons, those would be very helpful in assisting me in affording food for the months to come!

I can give you my email if you dm me, although, as you might assume, it’s the same as my zelle email.

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winter weather, $$ mutual aid, Aka begpost 

Winter weather is coming and I have to get a winter comforter, a bunch of winter clothes and shit, and my budget barely includes rent and food.

Kind of skruggling :blobcatcomfnight: due to the huge mold issue earlier in the year where I had to throw most of my belongings, clothing, and bedding away.

If you have some extra income or can point me toward online paid studies, pls help out/ re-boost.

If I could raise a couple hundred, for warm bedding and warm winter jackets and clothes, that would be really great.


Tooth surgery 

Got two wisdom teeth out

I started these two online courses that I got into that are free (one on data analytics and one on medical advocacy). The only thing is it feels very hard to assert my they them pronouns. Especially when I’m used to mostly being around qtpoc, it’s hard to be around people who I don’t even know if they’re anti lgbtq or not (the medical advocacy class is VERY white, but also there’s a more lowkey chill vibe since we all have medical conditions in common)

Vent, misogyny, pettiness, un PC roast 

Today someone came to repair the dishwasher and he literally had the most stank ass attitude judging me for not being a man, then he literally broke the kitchen sink pipe while trying to fix the other thing. Then he gaslighted and said he’d have to trust me when I called him and said he broke it. Mad whack. What a disrespectful hoe. It made me laugh when I thought of what my grandma would have said which is that he probably has a small thing, wears tidey widies and speedoes, and his wife is a bad ass bitch, he’s just mad because he’s secretly gay and highly repressed. (Un-pc roast, what can I say. We know it’d be offensive to him but obviously I’d never consider those things insults in a different context)

Update: 22 boosts, 1 donation

945$ raised out of 4000$ usd for Safe Housing for Autistic and Epileptic Trans advocate

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Just won a grant for a year of Data Camp and Coursera😍

pls boost; ISO paid online gigs/market research studies 

Help a queer out. If you know any of these please share!

just got hit with a bunch of bills and now I’m stressed about money again. Any online paid studies on accessibility, medical conditions, bipoc, or lgbtq+ stuff would be greatly appreciated.

Or any gigs. Looking to make 500 up to 1k+.

Send me your fav gay webcomic reccs and I’ll send you a bunch back in equal numerical proportion to your suggestions

I actually just want attention. :blobcatheart_trans: pls direct ur attention my way lol

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please boost frens; Black Trans Queen in need of community funding/mutual aid! 

See original post

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boost; Black Trans Queen in need of community funding/mutual aid! 


Please help Cherry, y’all!! She is my favorite Queen and an amazing Drag performer. She was so sweet and took time to talk to me after her performance, about Black Transness. Please give her her flowers 💜

“Hieee with being the only one financially supporting my sisters transition to medical
mental care this past Month it's left me very
strapped for cash. her new insurance finally
kicks in in September, so everything is going
to be okay finally. i could use some help
getting some funds for the needs I've
neglected to give myself for the past month caring for her. i could really use some help!”

[ID: image of Cherry, a Black woman, and text over her selfie. Text is written in quotation marks above this ID]

Liking someone is followed by special interest mental activity and then a physical presence that is really cold but just because it’s so awkward to also be around someone your attracted to when you’re gray ace. Like can’t we just become really good and nerdy friends. I don’t wanna have to have sexual vibes or relationship escalator vibes. But then also being too awkward to explain your neurodivergence so you wonder if the other person just thinks you’re indifferent or not interested in what they’re saying, then you just feel like a confused blob

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