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Talking about Black And Brown Sex Workers, the reason we are here today boycotting IG, Blackness, Whiteness, Model Minority Myth, my Access Boundaries, and pandemic brokenness in neurodivergent people (which DOESNT mean u have access to generational wealth🙄 or buy weed every week)

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Hi! I’m Tai. 22 yr old non binary neurodivergent Black and Taiwanese/Chinese somatic practitioner. Things I love are: cats, lgbtq and black justice memes, the forest. I want to share somatic healing and anti oppressive content here. I also like to share my creative expressions of poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

Anyone remember that old website that was like for art and gifs and like a sandbox kinda thing? What happened to that?

EC, new trans earrings 

My new earrings make me happy

[Tai, a Blasian non binary person with curly long brown hair and a blue tank top shirt with a flower pattern, wears earrings with a trans symbol and looks into the camera, touching their hair]

Testosterone HRT question about effects 

I’m more and more curious about taking T

Anyone have resources on taking T without having “male pattern baldness”

Chronic condition complaining 

Coordinating with doctors when you have a chronic condition is…a whole new level of hell

[Request for a piano keyboard with a headphone Jack and a power cord] shipped to Brooklyn, NY

Does anyone know of internships available in LGBTQ justice in the legal field?

Seeking: job board reccs for remote jobs for people with disabilities

Needed: resources on transness without medically (hormonal Or surgically) transitioning. Need resources that are intersectional with Blackness and disability if u can. Def don’t be no fatphobic, racist, or ableist content.

My Black Trans friend hasn’t been able to eat since Tuesday because of lack of funds. That ain’t right. Reparations please. Venmo @ godisgoodj

@ImgDesc Kai is super awesome and super deserving of these reparations. Please share fam!!! He’s a great one🖤

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@ImgDesc they also don’t have an AC and they’re in Philly so if anyone wants to buy them one or give reparations just message me

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Please share and support Sunny, a Black Trans Non Binary Disabled community leader. They’ve help run a Trans COVID supplies initiative and now they need help with survival after losing a job.


Pls share🖤reparations for a Black Trans Colombian woman, remember the currency rate exchange means 400 USD can be a month of rent and 50 USD can be groceries.


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