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Talking about Black And Brown Sex Workers, the reason we are here today boycotting IG, Blackness, Whiteness, Model Minority Myth, my Access Boundaries, and pandemic brokenness in neurodivergent people (which DOESNT mean u have access to generational wealth🙄 or buy weed every week)

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Hi! I’m Tai. 22 yr old non binary neurodivergent Black and Taiwanese/Chinese somatic practitioner. Things I love are: cats, lgbtq and black justice memes, the forest. I want to share somatic healing and anti oppressive content here. I also like to share my creative expressions of poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

@ImgDesc they also don’t have an AC and they’re in Philly so if anyone wants to buy them one or give reparations just message me

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Please share and support Sunny, a Black Trans Non Binary Disabled community leader. They’ve help run a Trans COVID supplies initiative and now they need help with survival after losing a job.


Pls share🖤reparations for a Black Trans Colombian woman, remember the currency rate exchange means 400 USD can be a month of rent and 50 USD can be groceries.


“ 4Ever Caring Evonne and Love Me Unlimited 4 Life has purchased property to serve as the first Trans owned, Trans led and Trans operated drop in shelter, in Mississippi for Trans, queer and non- gender conforming people in need.”

This shelter was founded by a Black Trans Woman, whose personal experiences of being homeless, and gender identity based abuse, led to this labor of love for her community.

Pls share, mutual aid for a momma💜and 2 year old child, in need of groceries ASAP

I’ve got a somatic non binary identity and a somatic chronic pain self paced workshop. Both are on PowerPoint but non binary can be used as a pdf since it doesn’t have audio.

It’s free for QtBipoc and originally from free QtBipoc workshops. If you’re not QTBIPoC, you can purchase the workshops if you email me @ with the workshop/s you want

We’ll email me either way because I’m not on here. A lot these days

The current amount is 2750$. 150$ raised yesterday. Aiming for 300$ more ASAP.

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If anybody is tuned into the reparations threads here, on Twitter, or anywhere else, please boost!! 300/450$ still needed to provide two months rent to a Black Trans Woman. The current exchange to Colombia means that 1 month rent is literally the price of a higher end massage in the US, or a shopping trip. Please, give reparations, if you’re white, do the labor, especially if you’re queer. Don’t be racist and give reparations and/or share this post with those who can.

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150/450$ USD raised aka 1 out of 3 months of rent in Colombia, for this Black Trans Woman. Please protect Black Women💜give reparations instead of buying that material item. Support survival and don’t just be about lip service. Someone spot the next month of rent, and share if you can’t👏🏽💜

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Hi all!! 3 months of rent in Colombia is 150$ USD x 3. Please help this Black Trans woman and sex worker raise this ASAP!

Just poppin on to say Reparations work is a Love Language. K bye!

PLS if anyone has looked into mattresses without fiberglass let me know
The information is so overwhelming online

Any1 know online thrift stores for gender neutral summer clothing?

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex with foreword by Cece McDonald

This book! Sib read me a few pages

Where my Neuroqueer BIPOC at?! Pls msg me there is an opportunity for you

Anyone know any good boards for p/t temp work?

Looking 4 reccs for my friend.

hello app developers of mstdn who owe reparations:

Working on an app that aims to help qtpoc and other systematically oppressed people a tool to help connect with the body through body mapping

Dm me if you can help

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