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Talking about Black And Brown Sex Workers, the reason we are here today boycotting IG, Blackness, Whiteness, Model Minority Myth, my Access Boundaries, and pandemic brokenness in neurodivergent people (which DOESNT mean u have access to generational wealth🙄 or buy weed every week)

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Hi! I’m Tai. 22 yr old non binary neurodivergent Black and Taiwanese/Chinese somatic practitioner. Things I love are: cats, lgbtq and black justice memes, the forest. I want to share somatic healing and anti oppressive content here. I also like to share my creative expressions of poetry, dancing, songs, etc.

If anyone knows any writing or poetry submissions for bipoc or qtpoc writers pls share with me! I loved being part of Black Holes And Poetry.

Talkin bout c section babies 

Emergency c section babies like myself actually sometimes feel like they’re never ready or prepared, or that it’s hard to initiate things, it can be easy to be late. This is because the baby leaves out of the brith canal with its own impulse, twisting the head then body out of the canal (ideally), but when the baby can’t initiate the impulse and gets taken out by emergency, it can leave that kind of pattern or imprint later in life

Take it or leave it :) I relate tho

That moment when yo head bigger than yo twin’s because u didn’t go through the birth canal lol

Kitty ec 

Photo of Tai holding nephew Naji kitty, a black and white kitty nephew who Tai loves with all of Tai’s heart.

Today is the Black Reparations Wellness clinic. We’ve got about 530$ raised to split in between a group of practitioners and also event/Meta Den founders, Joss and McKenzie! It’s a clinic of free wellness sessions for Black people, paid for by non-Black people! Last month in Feb, raised 2016$, enough to pay the team and each practitioner 288$. Now we’re up to 2546$! Let’s keep it up.

Call for QTPOC Writers. BOUNDARY. A Concersation for Our Collective Well-Being. Pitches due April 4th.


Feature-length Articles & Cultural Critiques: $500 - $1,000

Personal Essays: $275

Alternative Formats (Interviews, Reviews, Roundtables, etc.: $500 - $1,000

Chronic conditions are tiring! I’m convinced we can’t talk about age when we don’t consider the differences of this who grew up with chronic medical conditions vs those who didn’t tbh

2016$ was raised for February clinic! Now they’re raising more for March’s clinic which is next Saturday.

We’re at 2254$ right now, pls boost!

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More astro rants 2 

So pisces is ruled by Neptune but originally by Jupiter so with that Jupiter in 20 Aquarius right now we see a lot of astrology and collective awareness as well as social justice and need for change but in a way where it’s based on spirituality in PGM groups, dreaming, imagining, also drowning in emotions or wishes (Pisces is the ocean, big, uncontrollable, unownable). All coming up on Chiron Aries damn. Uranus taurus just sitting there lookin pretty. Pluto same as ever Capri.

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More astro rants 

Shite so much fckin Pisces right now. Sun conjunct Venus and looser conjunct Neptune 6 degree orb. Mercury in 3 degrees pisces right where I like it tbh. Prob why I’ve been dreaming so hard about Thailand with that Thailand pisces north node. As a 12th house dominant and aqua dominant person, I sometimes feel a Pisces NN would be more attainable for me than the ominous Leo NN. It’s cool tho, goodie. Saturn finally moving on at 10 degrees. Trining the Gemini NN and Mars approachin

Astrology chat, Thailand natal chart pt 3 

So yeah anyways, there’s pluto in cancer, issues with breaking away from conservative things like bad lgbtq rights and banning people who speak badly against the king. But also a deep kindness and politeness in the people’s social norms. again I think it’s also that Pisces north node with that Neptune in virgo conjunct Mars too. That Neptune conjunct Mars will soften the erratic uranus in aries that comes up in the govt shocking moments

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Astrology chat, Thailand natal chart 

Hello spirituality, Buddhism, all of the temples. The Virgo Mars jupiter and south node. Of course there is so much green nature in the north especially. Also pretty healthy standard Thai intake of fruit, rice based noodles, veggies. And omg that Venus in Scorpio 17 degrees. No wonder we get all of these BLs with intense emotions. I fckin love it. Also the sag sun and mercury. All the tourism, but sun square the nodes so it’s about something karmic unresolved

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Astrology chat, Thailand natal chart 

Damn so...Thailand got that Aquarius rising and Saturn in aqua in the 12th house. Prob why there’s so many BL shows getting popular even tho lgbtq rights have not been good historically and now still. But a lot of the BL actors that are popular have prominent uranus and Aquarius in their charts!! Like almost all of them. I do the charts of my favs and I’m like omg they casted the couples so well. Amazing synastry. Anyway so Thailand’s NN in pisces hello spirit

I told my dad about my obsession with Thailand currently

He said he loves Thailand and it’s basically like if Japanese people went to Jamaica😂😂that’s the vibe (also for context like he is talking about culturally, because he lived in Japan for a bit and speaks japanese pretty well, and has been to Jamaica).

Then we just casually agreed that we both had past lives there (love my dad lol)

Then I looked up Thailand natal chart and the south node is on my Mars and my dad’s south node. Word.

The best Thai BL I have ever watched: Until We Meet Again (that’s some dark shit, some tragedy ish, some Romeo and Romeo ish, but the deepest show that embodies the Buddhist reincarnation and how the past lives intertwine with current ones. Like imagine a show that treats reincarnation as a fact as the main storyline).

Second up: I told sunset about you. That show is wow. Great first intro to BLs. you’ll fall in love with the actors chemistry. The music omggggggg. The filmography *_*

I add them every time I finish a BL series and season.

I must have watched 6 series by now. They’re beautiful but they hold even deeper emotional meeting when they come with the characters and stories

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