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Selfie, eye contact 

Here, have some pics so you know what my non binary azz looks like.

[Tai, a non binary Blasian person takes a selfie in the mirror. They are wearing glasses, a green crop tank top, green shorts, and have a green marker self-drawn tattoo of nettle in their right arm. Their hair is curly, brown, and tied back.]

[Tai, a non binary Blasian person holds their cat nephew. Tai has two braids, a maroon crop top and black cargo pants. They hold their long cat nephew, Naji, who is a black and white cat]

re: Urgent Black trans mutual aid request, please boost

Venmo: @ parkkkker
(Handle is Parker with 4 k’s)

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Question for Black people who went to grad school 

Do you regret it?

Black LGBTQ ppl based in the UK!

They'll be awarding 5 Black LGBTQ+ creatives with
£1,000 each to create a piece of art and amplify their
voices through their chosen medium. Aswell as
partnering with @djmagofficial to provide sponsorship
for an electronic music-focused project.

Applications close on May 30th

re: Resource request, career-related 

Also prefer part-time options since I do also have my own part-time income

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Resource request, career-related 

Hi all! It’s been an on and off path, but finally finishing a bachelors degree this summer

What are the best website/s to look at to job search? I’m kind of aimless and prefer sites that have an option to view remote jobs only


a themme finally is finishing my undergrad degree in the summer or fall it’s taken forever

Anyways I’m legit excited cause for my capstone I chose Discrimination and Young Adult Autistic people in the US to write about. But it also has to be a 20 min audio visual presentation. Worked my ass off for about two and a half full days to do two weeks of work. Tired as hell but so glad I finished the first draft thoroughly. Even though I submitted it late and grades ducking suck, why do late penalties even exist? Or grades? Whack

But anyway I start out by talking about the story of the ugly duckling. I roast a couple white psychologists. I play a couple videos from autistic poc on tik tok. I refer to a few shmoopy poopy peer reviewed studies (some are actually interesting). I find a way to bring spirituality (Dogon view of autistic peoples role in the society-very spiritual life), and socio cultural psych (S Korea—autism stigma so high) into it. Anyways I’m done lol. Going to bed

ethical or social Justice tech/data analytics oriented content is a huge plus 


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Please boost: Resource request for “diversity” tech, data analytics trainings 

Anything helps!

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Resource request for “diversity” tech, data analytics trainings 

Please boost! Anything is helpful

Update: 500$ raised! Keep boosting—Crowdfunding Black Trans emergency housing Please Boost 

Yay! Let’s keep going

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Reboost, urgent petition to save an innocent woman on Death Row who was framed to falsely confess 

Melissa Lucio is facing execution on April 27 for a crime that never occurred. I am joining @innocence in preventing an irreversible injustice before it’s too late. Add your name to

Mildew diy remedy help, pls suggest! And boost! 

Welp. I finally found the source of mildew on my walls. Considering just throwing out most of my stuff like mattress and a lot of other stuff. Hoping not to have to throw out my digital piano, I will be SO upset if I have to.

Anyways I finally got my dehumidifier and will set it up tomorrow. If anyone has tips on how to deal with mildew/mold diy on walls, from experience (!!), please please share. I’m desperate

Gender hormone therapy question 

I’m considering microdosing T with the gel but I have no idea where to start. Does anyone know if there’s a guide, a text hotline, an organization for Black trans people, or resources on Tik Tok of Black or Blasian trans people talking about microdosing T?

I’m curious about permanent changes as well as good things to know, I’m just wanting to affirm my enby identity a bit more

Complaining about mildew issues 

Has anyone else ever dealt with a mildew problem like this is so maddening!! White vinegar washes w everything and my clothes r finally better yet I literally have to throw my bedding out. These little microscopic spores need to stop smelling like salty murky foulness and leave me alone!! Why y’all multiplying like that!?😩leave me alone! Can’t even wear a bonnet these days for fear of it affecting my scalp again smh!!!!

Got some dehumidifying packets for my room and sprayed my whole room with tea tree oil and even most of my furniture with vinegar…

Any suggestions? It’s helping but Im at a loss and triggered even when I get one small whiff of the smell

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