Okay, found a German post and it works!

See screenshots for Mastodon autotranslate in action 😮

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Oh wow... just spotted a "Translate" button being tested on mastodon.online... See the screenshot attached to this post.

In case you're wondering, it doesn't do much when I click it, just turns into "Translated from German". No one is speaking in German and the posts are marked as being in English.

Oh wow... looks like the hashtag following feature for Mastodon is already being tested on some servers!

If you're on mastodon.online (and I assume mastodon.social) you should see a hashtag following icon in the top right corner of hashtag searches.

If you use Mastodon, you may have noticed there's an intermittent bug where a hashtag search sometimes produces a list of related suggestions but not the tag you searched for.

This effectively blocks you from searching for that tag, and also breaks other functions such as filtering tags in multi-column mode.

I reported this back in February, followed it up in May and then again today. You can let the developers know you want this issue fixed by giving it a thumbs up:


If you want someone to follow you on Mastodon or the rest of the Fediverse, you should give them your account's Fediverse address.

You can find your address on your account's profile page.

Fediverse addresses come in two parts:

@ (Your username) @ (Your server)

For example, the account I'm posting from is @ FediTips @ mstdn.social (but without the spaces).

By combining a username with the server's name like this, you get a unique address that no other account has.

You can follow an address by pasting it into the search box when you're logged into Mastodon etc. This will bring up the account's profile in search results, and you can follow it by clicking "follow".

The reason it's longer than addresses on centralised services like Twitter etc is centralised services run entirely on one site, so they don't need the second part of the address.

The reason it looks like an email address is because the Fediverse and Email are both decentralised and use a similar server-based model.

If you want to see a Mastodon post the way it appears on its home server, click on the date stamp below it or in the top right corner. This will open it in a new tab in your web browser.

Alternatively, click on "..." and select "Copy link to post", then paste the address into your browser.

This can be useful in lots of different situations, for example to see the most up-to-date list of public replies. (Not all replies federate to every server)

If you follow someone on Mastodon, their latest posts will appear in your timeline.

However, you can also have a notification appear every time they make a post, if you want to. This is useful if you *really* don't want to miss what they post.

To switch on new post notifications:

1. Log in through the website
2. Go to the profile you want to be notified about
3. Click on the bell 🔔 icon

(To switch notifications off, click the bell again.)

This only works with accounts you follow, and you will still see them in your timeline as normal.

If you're using Mastodon through the website, you can stop new posts appearing automatically by using "slow mode".

To switch it on, go to Preferences > Slow Mode, tick the box and click "Save Changes". (To switch it off, untick and save.)

This will make timelines (including Home, Local and Federated) as well as notifications no longer scroll automatically when you are reading them. Instead, new posts will be hidden behind a clickable link at the top of each column.

(Thanks to @aral for suggesting tip!)

If you're posting a poll on Mastodon, you can make a "choose one" poll or a "choose one or more" poll.

On the website interface, you can switch types by clicking on the voting buttons when you're posting the poll. When they are circles it will be a "choose one" poll, when they are squares it's "one or more".

The official apps don't (yet) support changing this, some of the third party apps may support it though.

If you're using Mastodon through the website, you can tweak the notifications to suit your tastes.

Click on Notifications, then click on the slider icon in the top right corner (see the attached image below).

Use the toggle switches to choose your settings, then click the slider button again to close the menu. Note that you can scroll down the toggle switch list, there are lots of switches off-screen at the bottom.

One particularly interesting option is "Quick filter bar > Display all categories", which adds lots of extra column types to your Notifications tab.

If you're watching an @owncast live stream, you can scroll the video out of the way during the stream to see the description text and schedule.

(The stream featured in the screenshot is @hatnix and their streaming page is at live.hatnix.net)

If you're browsing art or photo accounts on Mastodon, try going to the account profile's "Media" tab.

The Media tab only shows posts by that account which have attachments, and doesn't show boosts or text-only posts.

This makes it much quicker and easier to find interesting images (and video and audio, if they are attachments).

By the way, if you're using the website interface, tap an image to enlarge it and click on the "Expand" icon below the enlarged image to see the original post.

Do you want to hide replies and/or boosts in your Mastodon timeline?

To do these, log in through the website and click on the slider icon in the top right corner of the Home 🏠 timeline. Some toggle switches will appear that let you choose the visibility of replies and boosts in the timeline.

OwnCast is a sort of Fediverse alternative to Twitch. It lets people host their own video livestream with a chat window at the side, and OwnCast accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more about @owncast at owncast.online, and they have a directory of streamers at directory.owncast.online

If you follow an OwnCast account from Mastodon, you will see a post from them in your timeline telling you when the account has gone live.

Also, if you follow an OwnCast account or boost its posts, this will appear in the livestream's chat window (see the attached picture).

Some OwnCast accounts you can try following right now include:

@live (soulful house music shows)

@hatnix (Linux gaming streams)

@Hamish - (retro gaming streams)

(Note that some OwnCast accounts do not have Fediverse switched on yet, so they won't be visible on Mastodon etc)

Every Fediverse server is independently owned and run. This means every server makes its own rules about what you're allowed to do there (for example, pretty much all servers forbid spam).

On Mastodon, you can see your own server's rules by going to your server's website and clicking on the "Learn More" link.

If you see someone breaking the rules, it's important to report them so that the server admins can take action. When you see a rule-breaking post, click on "..." and then "Report", then follow the instructions.

It doesn't matter if the rule-breaker is from your server or another server, if you can see their post you can report it.

The reporting process sends a message to your server's admin, but it also optionally lets you send an anonymous report to the rule-breaker's server admin too. This can be important as the ruler-breaker's server admin has the power to suspend or even close the rule-breaker's account.

As you might have noticed, PeerTube has a plugin for chatting during livestreams (screenshot below). It's really nice!

If you do livestreaming on PeerTube, ask your server admin if the plugin can be added, it makes livestreams a lot more fun. There is more info about the plugin at github.com/JohnXLivingston/pee

The creator of the plugin is @John_Livingston and they have a roadmap of more features they want to add to the plugin. You can help make this happen by donating to Livingston's LiberaPay account at liberapay.com/JohnLivingston

If you want to see the "Local" timeline of a Mastodon server, many of them have a "See what's happening" link on their front page. Clicking this shows that server's latest public posts by people from that server. You don't need to be a member to see this page, because the posts shown are only public ones.

For example, you can try it out on mastodon.coffee

(Note that some servers have this switched off, or set to show their "Federated" timeline instead of the local one.)

Are you using Mastodon through a computer?

Do you wish there was a multi-column TweetDeck-style interface?

There is! It's called the "advanced web interface" and you can activate it any time you want. It lets you add many specialised columns, subscribe to hashtags and all kinds of stuff suited to large wide displays.

Log into the website, go to Preferences > Enable Advanced Web Interface, tick the box and click "Save Changes".

(To restore the default single column interface, do the same thing but untick the box instead.)

This used to be the default interface on Mastodon, and very old articles about the platform will have screenshots of the multicolumn interface.

If you want to manage your block list and mute list on Mastodon, log in through the website and then press the little V shaped button just above the box where you write toots (see the attached image).

This will cause a menu to appear, which includes managing blocks and mutes.

Little headsup, Mastodon developers seem to be testing a language selector in the posting interface (see attached image).

The idea is you set the language you're posting in which will make it easier for other people to filter your post out if they don't speak it.

You can already set your default language in the Preferences/Settings section, but the idea of this new feature is to let you optionally change the setting for each particular message. This is handy if you toot in several languages.

I have no idea if/when this will be rolled out, the developers' instances often get test features like this.

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