If you need help using Mastodon or the Fediverse, have a look at:


It's got advice for both beginners and experienced users, and is written in non-technical language.

All future tips from FediTips will be added to it, and I'm gradually adding the past ones too.

Message me if you have questions or feedback! :blobcat:

p.s. For an alternative perspective, see @noelle's excellent "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon" at

@kaedechan @noelle

Yes of course, but they'll also go on the site too so that people can look them up easily.

@feditips @noelle Great guide! Thank you much for creating and sharing. It drew my attention also to other #Fediverse software, such as #PixelFed, or #writeFreely that I'd love to use.

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