You can crosspost between Mastodon and Twitter in either direction using various third party sites.

When crossposting is switched on, it means when you post on Mastodon it will also be posted on Twitter (or vice versa).

This can be controversial if you're just mirroring your Twitter account to Mastodon without interacting on Mastodon at all. Some servers specifically ban such "zombie accounts".

However, if you're mainly active on Mastodon and mirroring it to Twitter there's no controversy at all.

There are many free open source crossposting services and sites including @crossposter at and @moaparty at


It's a scary place that's best left to the imagination.

@crossposter @moaparty @feditips Can this be used when you're mostly tooting from a mobile phone/with an app? (I am a total nitwit when it comes to technical things)

@Lucseleventje @crossposter @moaparty

That is a really good question! I am not sure, as I don't have a Twitter account...

Maybe @renatolond or @flancian could answer?

@feditips @Lucseleventje @crossposter @moaparty @renatolond @flancian You have to set up the cross-poster on desktop (not sure if the initial set up works on mobile). Once you post via mobile, it works fine regardless of the direction the cross-poster is set. We use Tusky and we have no issues with posts showing up on Twitter.

@moaparty @renatolond @flancian @crossposter @damagecontrolblog @feditips Ah, thanks for the information! I believe Tusky is Android; would it also work with iPhone apps? (Metatext/official Mastodon)

@damagecontrolblog @Lucseleventje @moaparty @renatolond @crossposter @feditips ahoy!

Yes, once you set up bridging ( *should* work on mobile too for setup, but I think I haven't tested it lately; please let me know if it doesn't!) you should be able to post and read from any client; cross-posting happens in the backend using your stored credentials (after signing in), so it's independent from your client. Moa keeps track of which messages it has x-posted, etc.

@feditips @crossposter @moaparty
I just started using MOA after reading your post, it seems to work great 😀

@feditips Why is this controversial? Isn't the point to allow users the freedom to consume content where they want?


When Mastodon first got popular, some people from Twitter set up "zombie accounts" on here where they pretended to be interacting but weren't really, they were just blindly reposting whatever they did on Twitter.

It became difficult to know who was a real user on here and who was a "zombie", so some servers started banning such users.

So pretending to be interacting on fedi is bad, but pretending to be interacting on birdsite is good? 🤔

@m @BrianZiman

Ideally you would be present on all the accounts you own.

The reason it caused more problems on the Fedi is that there were so many Twitter accounts doing this, and very few Fedi accounts doing it the other way round.

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