I've greatly expanded the Unofficial Mastodon & Fediverse Guide:


Hopefully this guide now answers most questions that new members seem to have on here.

I've repeated some bits of info in different sections, as people may need the same feature in different contexts.

Will work on the Advanced Tips and Admin section next, and then go back through it to try and add more non-Masto stuff.


Right, added a load of tips to the Advanced section:


These aren't actually that advanced, but I didn't want to overwhelm new people by filling the Basics section with stuff to learn.

Advanced is a mixture of slightly trickier stuff and easy stuff that most people wouldn't use every day.

Next up are some more tips in Advanced, then the Admin section, then some more non-Masto additions, then this account goes back to normal service.

If you know someone who is new to Mastodon and the Fediverse, please give them a link to the front page of the guide, it will hopefully answer their questions:


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