Gancio is a free open source Fediverse event planning system, aimed at communities wanting to organise their own events instead of using Facebook or Google.

You can interact with Gancio events from Mastodon etc through ActivityPub, and it also supports RSS.

The Gancio website is at and the project's official Fediverse account is at @gancio

The software's code is at

@feditips @gancio Gancio is not made for event planning, rather simply for publishing them. Mobilizon aims at both purposes.

@feditips @gancio Furthermore another speciality of gancio is to allow publishing an event to the fediverse without registering an account first. That lowers the barrier for many small institutions or even individuals, who don't organize events frequently. That's why we think about serving a gancio instance as well in the future under which of course will followed by our mobilizon instance at

@wir @feditips so Mobilizion can use ActivityPub or something like that?

@qugalet @wir

Yes, Mobilizon accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc.

Mobilizon is made by Framasoft, the same organisation that made PeerTube.

@kaip doesn't look hosted, sadly. I have no desire to run my own services if I can avoid it. Which is unfortunate, because that sounds perfect otherwise!

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