If you've attached a video file to your post, it's a good idea to add a text description of what's going on just like you would for an image, so that blind people know what's in it through screen readers.

However, if your video has sound, remember to also describe the audio as well.

Describing sound in captions can be useful to people who are deaf, or those who are in a situation where they can't listen to the sound (on the bus, in a meeting etc).

On Mastodon you can add descriptions to files by attaching them and then clicking "edit" on the web interface, or simply writing on top of them in the official app.

Other Fediverse platforms and apps also support adding text descriptions.

@feditips I do wish Mastodon (specified bc ik PeerTube does and idk abt other platforms) allowed us to add subtitles too, bc ik as someone who can see the video it's frustrating to have to go to the transcription to know for sure what's being said
I get around this by hard coding subtitles into videos I post, but not everyone knows how to do that and also not everyone wants subtitles so that's not the most accessible approach either


Good idea!

Also I don't think burnt-in subtitles would be accessible to screen readers.

@feditips I don't think so. I also do the description for screenreader users, I just don't think it helps much for people who can see the video but not hear what's being said

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