OwnCast is a Fediverse livestreaming platform with built in chat, and is sort of a Fediverse alternative to Twitch.

You can follow the project itself at @owncast and find out more on the website at

You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and they will let you know in your feed when they go live.

Some good accounts to follow include (in no particular order):

@live - Live DJ sets, soulful house music

@jnktn_tv - Live DJ shows on Saturdays, lots of different music styles

@Hamish - Live streaming retro games, electronics projects, programming etc

@rstv - 24 hour streaming of weird retro films and TV

@hatnix - Linux gaming streams, usually in English but sometimes in German

@fedi - Monthly show by the Small Technology Foundation, promoting small scale privacy-friendly internet projects

@ozoned - Live streams about Linux and gaming

@feditips @owncast @live @jnktn_tv @Hamish @rstv @hatnix @fedi @ozoned

(with standard OwnCast setups)

Don't believe me just run a Bandwidth monitor

1mb/sec = ton's / GB's up and down for hardly moving video - hm.

Not going to go on about it ... but OwnCast, without audio only settings, low res.... can't justify it right now... it can literally stop shared-internet access or be reason for disposable data like the bourgeoisie having too much access / money for alcohol and just get drunk, just because they can. They/you/we are quite a lot like the bourgeoisie without over-calling anyone names- only just you know what I mean when I say bourgeoisie.

I like some ideas of it (lots) but really check some channels and watch your bandwidth monitor for major time / data / processor / heat loss.

@feditips @owncast @live @jnktn_tv @Hamish @rstv @hatnix @fedi @ozoned

I had no idea about all of this live stuff going on. This is awesome. Thank you!

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