There are lots of Fediverse projects you can follow on here:

@bookwyrm - Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads (more info at

@news - Friendica lets you follow people on Fedi, RSS, Twitter etc (more info at

@funkwhale - Music/podcast storage and sharing (more info at

@gotosocial - Lightweight safety-centric new Fediverse platform (more info at

@dev - Single user microblogging server (more info at

@mobilizon - Event organising platform, Fedi alternative to Facebook Events (more info at

@peertube - Video sharing network, Fedi alternative to YouTube (more info at

@pixelfed - Photo sharing network, Fedi alternative to Instagram (more info at

@writefreely - Minimalist blogging platform, Fedi alternative to Medium (more info at

@RadiantBlack @owncast

Yes! Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

OwnCast is great, like a Fediverse alternative to Twitch:

@Abdulla بحكم اطلاعك على مبادرات الويب اللامركزي، هل جربت أي من مايكروبلوق أو رايت فريلي، أو قارنت بينهما مسبقاً؟
أحاول اختيار منصة للعودة للتدوين، وأحاول أن اختارها بعناية حيث أنه ليس لدي الكثير من الوقت للتغيير وإن أردت ذلك. looks interesting


@feditips so what does it mean to be building a fediverse alternative to X? If you can follow anyone from anywhere and they all use the same protocol, what are they building? What's the difference between using a specific site vs just interacting with posts from that site via mastodon/whatever else@


Here's an example:

You enjoy watching videos but you don't make any videos.

If someone uploads their videos to PeerTube, that means the millions of people already on Mastodon can follow the PeerTube account, give a like, leave a comment. They don't need to register on PeerTube to do any of these things.

But PeerTube is totally different software because it's designed for video publishers.

By talking to each other, the different platforms can share an audience while also specialising in different tasks.

@feditips That's a lot of choice!

I've seen some nice photos on @pixelfed and @Pixey .

@feditips @pixelfed @Pixey Those are some great bird friends! I already followed a few and am now following all.

How do I get on that list?

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