There is nothing in any Fediverse platform's software code that forces it to be for-profit.

Fediverse servers are totally independent and can easily be set up to serve a community or non-profit organisation.

For example, a co-operative could set up its own server and run it just like anything else the co-op does. Votes could be taken on what rules to have, who should be moderating, which other servers to federate with etc.

The technical and financial barriers to ownership of a Fediverse server are surprisingly low, especially if you use a managed hosting service where the hosting company handles the technical stuff.

The price of a managed hosting server starts from about 6 euros per month. The price per month goes up the more users are on the server, but the price per user goes down steeply as a server grows. At the largest server size, the cost per user is only a few cents per user per month.


If you need help with setting up your own Fediverse server through managed hosting, I've done a page about it here:

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