Usually, Mastodon only shows the first part (or "handle") of a Fediverse address in posts.

However, if there are two accounts with the same first part, Mastodon shows the accounts' full addresses including their server names.

This is deliberate, it's to avoid confusion when two different accounts with identical handles are being discussed in the same post.

For example the libre gardening organisation Open Source Gardens has a main account at and a video account at which both have the same handle. As you can see, Mastodon automatically displays their full Fediverse addresses.

p.s. Just to make clear, Mastodon only does this if the accounts are both mentioned in the same post.

If they're mentioned in different posts, it reverts to just showing the first part of the address.


I only just realised this is the thing different with Misskey why I find it just so cluttered compared to Masto.. because multiple full handles really add up quickly 😅 and being highlighted too.. along with by default the instance labels being shown on posts, and it showing the responded to post above and there being no separation by default from these posts. Just so much for my eyes 😅

Glad Masto is nothing like this, though if some like it it's great, and it makes sense the logic why you would have full handles shown, so say, you know someone called Dave, and someone is replying to another called Dave who maybe is being nasty.. you don't have your eyes pop out "oh is my Dave being nasty o.o?" lol.

@feditips I think it’s an anti-pattern to register many different mastodon accounts. Federation makes it redundant and kind of a waste of resources right ? What am I missing ?


These aren't many different Mastodon accounts, the first one is a Mastodon account and the second one is a PeerTube account.

Different kinds of Fediverse servers have different features, for example PeerTube accounts let you upload p2p streamed videos.


Also, totally different people may have registered the same handle on different servers, so there has to be a way to distinguish between users with the same handle.

It's a bit like if two people have the same first name, discussions about them will often include the surname in order to distinguish them.

@feditips thanks for the insight. I have a peertube account but hadn’t considered interacting with it from mastodon oh duh I have a pixelfed too. Ok. This makes sense. Thanks.

@feditips Honestly I wish it would show the whole name every time, only shortening consecutive times in the same post or thread. The way I view it, the server is part of the name; having the whole name would help me tell them apart across different posts etc. 🤷‍♂️

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