As it's "Book Lovers Day", you might want to check out some book-related server types on the Fediverse:

@inventaire is a book cataloguing platform which lets people and organisations keep track of their own collection or run a private lending library. You can follow many different parts of Inventaire from Mastodon etc, including users, authors, series, publishers and more. The official site is at

@bookwyrm is a federated open alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, and you can import your GoodReads data into BookWyrm. It's part of the Fediverse and you can follow BookWyrm users from Mastodon etc. You can find out more including servers to sign up on at

p.s. Forgot to mention, Inventaire is free open source software :)

Also, both Inventaire and BookWyrm have book catalogues based on WikiData so you don't need to enter titles manually. I believe Inventaire did the initial work on this and BookWyrm built upon it for their own platform.

@feditips How come I used the hashtag #NationalBookLoversDay today, with an image supplied with appropriate alt text, and nobody noticed? Is it because I have no friends, or because those who could be my friends here are busy reading?


Hashtags are always tricky as they are so specific (for example some people leave out the "national").

Just keep following book-related accounts, maybe sign up for a BookWyrm account too? There are lots of book fans on here, I am sure you'll find people to discuss things with eventually :)

And yeah, maybe they're reading today rather than being online 😁

My friend likes reading books, he posts about it 😁

Oh, and he also has a BookWyrm account at 😉


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