Follow is a lightweight self-hosted single user Fediverse server which can be followed from Mastodon etc.

You can find out more info at:

The official account disappeared for a while but it's now back at:


As the account notes, it's just been rewritten with version 2.0 of the software, so you may need to unfollow and then refollow.

(Having said that, I haven't been able to actually follow the account, it seems to work at first but then gives a "follow request" message? Have you managed to get this to work?)

p.s. There's a bug which is causing the @dev account link to appear in a new tab instead of as a profile page. This can complicate the following process.

You can work around this by pasting @ dev @ (but without the spaces) into the search box on Mastodon etc and then opening the profile in the search results, where you can click follow.

p.p.s. Little update, the link bug has been fixed! 🥳 You can now follow @dev by just clicking on it and selecting the follow button.

@feditips @dev I just tried to follow and got this from my Mastodon account.

@feditips @dev That said, sounds great; can’t wait to have a play with it.

@aral @dev

Yeah, I can't wait to follow it when it's working :)

Software written specifically for single user servers is a really interesting approach 👍

@feditips @dev It is ;) And I’m so happy to see more folks creating such things :)

(Also see Owncast.)

@feditips @aral @dev i followed it from misskey and pleroma instances, no problem
@feditips @aral @dev Search for [@]dev[@] within your instance and follow

@aral @abid @dev

Ah yeah, sorry about that, I put their address in original post but for some reason it gets treated as a link to be opened in a new tab rather than a Fediverse address.

Guessing this is something to do with how Mastodon and microblog differ in use of ActivityPub?

Aral, did you get a proper follow or does it say follow request after a few minutes?

@feditips I am not sure what happened, I searched in the logs and I wasn't seeing any follow request from your account (when you first mentioned the issue).

And this is the first time I've seen the issue with the mention being treated as a link by Mastodon, I will try to find the reason.

cc @aral @abid

@dev @aral @abid

It says cancel follow request (attached a screenshot). I've seen this happen before when there's a problem with follows, for example when PeerTube had some follow bugs it would show up as a follow request on Masto and there wouldn't be any trace of it on PeerTube logs.

IIRC PT changed the way they handled federation and it fixed the bug, but I'm not sure if that applies to this situation?

I hope you don't take any of this as criticisms, it's great you're doing the platform! I am saying this hoping it's useful feedback :)

@dev @aral @abid

I wonder if it's something to do with your account being visible from previously on a different software version?

I've successfully followed you from @homegrown which is a very new server.

@dev @aral @abid

And now it works! 🥳

Did you fix something? Whatever it was, it works now :)

@feditips I think you might be right, it may be an issue with re-using the older handle.

I haven't changed anything (except fixing the CSRF issue).

Thanks again for the feedback and for sharing. It is very helpful!

cc @aral @abid

@dev So you see this conversations in your admin panel?? Or something else?

@aral thanks for reporting the issue, it should be fixed now!

@feditips @dev Agreed FediTips - Anyway instead of opening non-native Mastodon profiles, I paste their name and follow that way for people... ****the modern profiles MISSKEY style stuff DOESN'T WORK on some old browsers or switch off components (people are losing out on fans / view sometimes from near-blank JAVASCRIPT PAGES (just html header shows and nothing else )****

New / complicated code and setups risk more 404 not found type effects / content not loading

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