If you're on the Fediverse and you want to host code for libre software and other collaborative projects, you might want to check out @gitea:


It's free, open source and it's currently in process of adding Fediverse compatibility through ActivityPub, the same standard that Mastodon etc use to communicate with each other.

You can see some of the Gitea instances that already have experimental Fediverse connections listed at fedidb.org/software/gitea

If you're just looking for a Gitea instance to join, there's @codeberg at codeberg.org

To see the current state of federated forges, have a look at the @forgefriends blog post at forgefriends.org/blog/2022/06/

@feditips @gitea @codeberg @forgefriends what’s the difference between codeberg and the other federated instances? Is it that codeberg may have some difference from the upstream gitea and is not federated yet?

@roq @feditips AFAIK @codeberg is just an instance of @gitea . But its admins and user base include a lot of fediverse fans, so they will be among the @forgefriends cheerleading for Gitea to add federation features compatible (where appropriate) with the other ActivityPub software that powers the 'verse.

#fediverse #Gitea #CodeBerg #ActivityPub


@strypey @roq @codeberg @gitea

Yup, Codeberg is a popular instance of Gitea.

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