If you use the @FediFollows directory (at, when you click on an account's follow button it will ask you to enter your own Mastodon address, in a process called "remote follow".

Remote follows are annoying as you have to keep entering your details again and again, even though you've already logged in on your home server 🤬

Fortunately, there is now a solution, a new plug-in for Firefox browsers called "Mastodon Simplified Federation":

When the plug-in is installed, you don't need to enter your address any more when doing remote follows 👍

The plug-in is written by @rugk and you can find out more info at

(Thanks @aral for mentioning this plugin!)

@feditips @FediFollows @rugk @aral

And for people using #Friendica:

Go to your settings, select the "Display" tab, and under "Content/Layout" section you can find an option called "Stay local". Enable that option and click "Save settings". Next time you click on someone's profile you won't be redirected to a different instance, it'll stay local so you can follow them directly 😉

@feditips @FediFollows @rugk @aral
I have requested friendica devs to make this setting default for new users, not sure if they've done that yet. Maybe @hypolite could give us more info on that.

@futureisfoss @hypolite

That's a great tip, thank you! 🙏

I didn't know Friendica had that kind of option built in. It's so full of nice surprises.

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