Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

Just had someone try to "send" me cryptocurrency through a Fedi account without my knowledge or consent.

To "collect" what is "sent", people mentioned would have to sign up to their service. I did not do this, and never will.

I am not at all comfortable seeing my username on their list of recipients, it makes it look like I use cryptocurrency.

For the record: I don't use any form of cryptocurrency/token/NFT. I never have and never will, ever.

Please don't have anything to do with this, "sending" tokens like this is effectively just spamming people. I have reported it as spam.

This is not at all nice for those of us who want to stay as far away from cryptocurrency as possible.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips 10grans isn't meant for collecting or getting you to sign up anywhere, it's a fedi tipping bot that's purely for fun, and someone sent it to you to appreciate you not to spam you.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 


I don't find cryptocurrency fun at all, it is causing terrible damage to society and the world.

Please don't involve me in it without consent.

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips @eris is 10grans actual crypto? isn't it just a bot

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@straw @eris @feditips I haven't heard of it before but according to them it is an actual minted cryptocurrency with tokens, a symbol and all that, and regardless, they promote NFTs on their profile

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi at first it was just a joke but then it got real and shit, but fedi people didn't seem to really care about all that other side of it

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@jeder I'm now seeing it has a partnership with a NFT marketplace like OpenSea that lets you showcase the grans you've earned so you're right @eris @feditips @straw

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@straw @eris @feditips Yes, it’s actual acryptocurrency. I saw some posts about “making it go to the moon”

@feditips Just imagine the fuckery with privacy invasions (in general) if it worked that way :drool:

"What do you mean you don't like us tracking every single thing you do? You never opted-out so you gave consent!"

@feditips @parker You're being kind of anal IMHO. It doesn't take that much effort to opt-out.
How many more things should be opt-in? Should you have to opt-in to have people speak to you?

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips @eris >cryptocurrency fun at all, it is causing terrible damage to society and the world.
its no better than paper money

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips @eris if you want to make a better argument "just say i hate crypto because i don't want to use to to buy illegal stuff from the black market from the deep web". and i could understood you more.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips @eris or another i don't want to pay taxes on yet it is decenterlized because screw my goverment.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@feditips @eris get off your high horse.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops Last time I checked, it didn't cost me 1418kWh to hand my dad a bill of 10 bucks I borrowed from him :drool:

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@finlaydag33k but the goverment printed your 10 bucks so they killed maybe 10 trees to make that and cost gas to get the paper to make it to them and the banks runs millions of servers but who cares right "this thing i don't like is bad so you should feel bad".

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops Those banks run millions of servers, that probably still don't come nowhere as close as the power usage from *just* Bitcoin...
Euro notes are made from cotton and can be handed over thousands of times before needing to be replaced...

Yea no... No way in hell a single transaction with FIAT currency is gonna take 1418kWh :drool:

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@finlaydag33k also what about our bank cards and the machines running them you might as well go back to the stone age and trade rocks with people

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops And even with that, you *still* won't get close to 1418kWh per transaction :^)
You'd need somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million transactions with FIAT currencies to get equal to what a *single* BTC transaction uses.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@finlaydag33k @iceloops what about the 100 companies that contributes to 70% of anual pollution, they are way worse than bitcoin but I don't see anti-cryto environmentalists talking about it. Or how the governments spent way more energy using sub-optimal power grids, coal plants and more.

While crypto is bad for the environment, it's nowhere near the damage that big companies does

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@kumicota @finlaydag33k i hear solar farms exist that mine crypto so does that mean? its green crypto or is it bad crypto

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops @finlaydag33k

It doesn't change a lot TBH as most nodes doesn't run(probably) on green power.

But the environmental damage from cryto is way smaller than the damage that oil, power, mining and more companies does

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops Do note that all that green energy that is spend on mining, could be used to power homes, businesses, hospitals and transport people and goods.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@finlaydag33k i
i'm sure miners do that also

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops Which changes absolutely nothing.
Only if that energy was an *absolute* surplus (couldn't be used by useful stuff in your home - eg. your fridge, couldn't be sold back to the grid for use by others, couldn't be stored in any way), only *then* would it make *some* sense to run PoW.

Although, thermodynamics also kinda say "no" to that because now you're turning energy into heat instead of letting it bounce away from earth...

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@finlaydag33k seen a guy power his house with solar and the miners he had

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@iceloops See other reply.
Tl;dr: Could have sold that power to the grid or something for use by others.

re: Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@Moon Store it? Use it for more useful stuff?

I mean, I use that juicy off-peak energy (nice n low price) to get myself some nice LN2.

Warning: someone is spamming cryptocurrency on Fedi 

@kumicota I mean tbf, I do agree with this.
Which is why I also am often very skeptical about the big corpies and have critized coal plants and often retarded power grids quite extensively in the past.

But well, like you said, you can't just say "Crypto is fine because there are bigger companies doing more damage!".
If anything, Crypto should move away from inefficient garbage like PoW (which thankfully ETH will do s00ntm)

@finlaydag33k @iceloops A few people have done the maths. I.e. in attached PDF.
I haven't read it yet but maybe you'd like to see?

@Hyolobrika I've seen that paper yes but the data they used for Bitcoin seems to be inaccurate.
They use the figure of 88.95TWh/yr for the Bitcoin Network in total, which is far below the 204.5TWh/yr from when the study was made (and given that a lot of the citations come from late-2021/early-2022, time to write wasn't the issue)
Additionally, they cherrypick Bitcoin's data from the highest-possible efficiency in late-2021 vs data from 2011... not a fair comparison if you ask me).

@finlaydag33k @Hyolobrika 1/ This whole argument how much power bitcoin uses is completely idiotic. Nobody ever uses it for any other industry. You don't hear people saying: "Gee, auto industry, computers, underwear manufacturing" uses that and that much electricity, we have to kill it. Nobody has the right to dictate how the energy should be used. Not if you have democracy and free market. Cars used to make incredible amount of pollution, yet nobody makes argument for abolishing cars.

@finlaydag33k @Hyolobrika
2/ Instead, we came up with cleaner engines. The same goes for every other manufacturing process. Airplane and rocket engines are pretty harmful to the environment, yet there is not that much backlash against them. The whole point of progress is not to use less energy but to make it cleaner. There is an abundance of clean energy out there, we just have to learn how to make more of it. There are bitcoin miners that use almost exclusively hydro,

@PeterSoukup Perfectly good hydro... That could have been used to power a town :drool:

@Hyolobrika @finlaydag33k Yeah, but they are usually labeled "ecological extremists" ...

@PeterSoukup Might be a cultural difference (idk where thee haileth from)?
I've been saying it for years and never been labeled as such tbf.

@finlaydag33k @Hyolobrika 3/ solar or geothermal power,some of them still use dirty coal, but so does a lot of other industries. That's more of a problem of the countries like China that allow them to operate on massive scale.

@PeterSoukup But honestly...
This is kind of like saying what Kim-Jung Un does in NK is fine because Putin and Xi-Jin Ping are doing way worse things.

You're basically trying to shove the environmental impact of BTC under the rug because there are industries that are worse...
That's not how you should reason.
You should reason against *both*, not make it basically a battle of whom is the worst of the bunch...

@finlaydag33k 1/ Completely missed my point. I merely mentioned those things to illustrate that bitcoin is not being treated fairly, that arguments are being used that nobody uses for any other industry. Btc mining is literally just a bunch o computers running math computations, so basically what you're saying electricity can't be used to run math computations. That's a pretty neo-luddite extreme attitude. I haven't heard anyone using the same argument for example for gaming.

@finlaydag33k 2/ The use of electricity to power all gaming consoles around the world would be substantial. Now, many people think video games are trash, mostly violent and just keep kids from reading quality books. And yet, no one makes that argument. Or porn, how much electricity is burned for the people to watch porn on the internet? I guess it's bad to use electricity to run btc, but it's ok to use the same electricity to jerk off on your sofa ...

@finlaydag33k 3/ Guns, how much electricity is used to make guns? Guns are bad, they kill people, right? Completely absurd, but at least be fair and say, you want to ban using electricity for anything else than the noblest and most altruistic goals. But then you'll be viewed as an extremist zealot who wants to establish ecological dictatorship ... Bitcoin miners like any other businesses or individuals buy electricity from large power companies who run their power plants how they see fit

@finlaydag33k 4/ (within the legal framework of their governments) to make most profit. So, whether that energy is clean or dirty depends solely on the energy mix of the individual location / country with btc mining spread all over the world. Now, let's imagine for a minute that all bitcoin mining will cease tomorrow, where is that electricity gonna go? It's not like there were large coal plants built specifically to mine bitcoin. Btc mining consumes around 0.8% of the world electricity.

@finlaydag33k 5/ It's not like those plants are going to shut down, the only thing that will happen is there will be a little less demand, so the price of electricity will go down a little, not by much, eventually, someone else will burn that electricity with the same environmental impact. Lastly, the single most pressing environmental issue today is climate change. If you look on this chart, electricity and heat production contributes only 25% to greenhouse gas emissions,

@finlaydag33k 6/ with rest going to transportation, industry and agriculture. 0.8%*25%=0.2%. So, even if you discarded my previous argument, btc impact to climate change is negligible. So this whole argument is completely absurd, it has no validity and is just repeated by morons who have no idea what they're talking about. But I'm all for cleaner energy, that's what EU and US (when they don't have Donald Trump as president) is trying to do, right?

@finlaydag33k 7/ The major problem are large developing countries like China and India that have substantial portion of the world's population and they are showing us big middle finger saying: "Sorry guys, we have other more pressing issues, like trying to catch up with you and feeding our people"

@PeterSoukup I mean, I've been saying we should invest more in Public Transport (even though the one in The Netherlands is hilariously good).

Also, stuff like underwear manufacturing at least gives us clothes to wear...
What does Bitcoin give us except basically nothing?

@finlaydag33k 1/ "What does Bitcoin give us except basically nothing?" - Now, that statement is screaming with ignorance and arrogance, but try to persuade a moron that Earth is not flat, complete waste of time ... Bitcoin is permissionless digital money and store of value, that has a finite supply of 21 milion and fixed emission schedule that no one can change, is decentralized, nobody can confiscate it, no authority can freeze your account, nobody can debase its value by

@finlaydag33k 2/ endless printing of paper money, and has exceptional security. It has its drawbacks like high volatility from the long term perspective (4 years or more), is far better store of value than anything else, including gold. Certainly better than the current FIAT money system where corrupt politicians destroy people's savings by endless printing of money that is not backed by anything, they've been doing it for 2000 years, ever since Roman empire decided to decrease the

@finlaydag33k 3/ amount of gold in their coins so they could make more of it to finance their wars. But the level at which it's occuring today is insane. Have you seen the inflation numbers recently? Did you know that 2 most powerful people in the western financial world Christine Lagarde, the head of ECB and Jerome Powell, the FED chair, are both lawyers and neither of them holds any degree in economy? So, basically they're less qualified to run the world's finances than any

@finlaydag33k 4/ student that has a bachelor degree in economy from a local college. That's the world we live in. Crypto is the greatest revolution of our time since the internet that can protect us from this insanity. I trust it with my savings 1000 more than the current corrupt and crazy financial system. Almost 100 million people around the globe use bitcoin, but I guess their vote doesn't count in your world ...

@PeterSoukup So tl;dr: "Politician bad, destroying planet good" :drool:

Pro-tip: Solve the issue, not the symptom :^)

@finlaydag33k What issue? What symptom? Really? The best you can do? See, that's the problem with people like you, after one spends half an hour carefully and thoroughly arguing why your original thesis is nonsensical, you make no counterargument, repeat your original thesis, paraphrase one sentence out of context and add a meaningless general phrase to save your bottom line, pat yourselves on your back and call it a day. My web camera has a better arguing skills ... 😏

@PeterSoukup Considering you can't even puzzle together what "the issue" is and what the "symptom" is from your own damn ramble, I'm not surprised you have no clue what you're talking about.

The fact that you need to end your comment with a passive aggressive statement (ad hominem), doesn't add much to your cause either.

All you basically ramble on: "Politician bad, destroying planet good" and ramble on how great Bitcoin is against it, but all it does is try to solve the symptom, not the issue

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