If you're posting website links anywhere on Mastodon, including in messages or on your profile, remember to include https:// at the start.

If you don't include https://, the link will not be clickable.


I know you're joking, but I guess someone might actually want to talk about a website without giving a clickable link?

Like a "this site is awful, don't go there" type post.

So, for them it is quite useful to have the option of making an unclickable link by leaving out the https://

I find myself making links unclickable more more. I dislike the url preview DDoS implementation of Mastodon and unless it's a link to a billionaire I often post the uri without scheme.

@feditips I love the fact we take https for granted 🤩 :blobcathearts:​ It's a good thing!

Thank god for Let's Encrypt💪 I remember buying a SSL cert for each domain in the past :blobcatgiggle:​ Almost more expensive than the domain itself lol!

@stux @feditips and Certbot makes Let's Encrypt just absolutely glorious.

Well besides that you're forced to install it as a snap rather than through a PPA via your package manager.

Yup easier for development to give greater support. But god damn Snap loves breaking if you haven't rebooted the system in something like 5 months, which inevitably breaks certbot too when it comes to renewing because it couldn't update because of Snapd being annoying.

Yup a reboot, uninstall of certbot, purge everything besides my Cloudflare ini, and then reinstall and rerun the command to get the certificate, which I just bung all domains under so it's just the one cert for everything.. that all fixes it.

But gosh damn it's frustrating, that I guess yes, reboots in that time period, make sense but it's ridiculous thr way Snapd just outright breaks.

Still, certbot besides that is absolutely brilliant.

@jase @stux and caddy webserver is even nicer by transparently doing it for you!

Not "almost" - I could never afford it!
These days I'm not quite sure how many ssl certs I have on the go, which, as you say is a Good Thing!! :-)


@feditips tangentially about links on mastodon, is it not possible to copy the link without having to open it as we click on it first? I find it useful (a tad safer) to sometimes inspect the link first (eg, some only use http and not https) before going straight to it.


There are no link shorteners on Mastodon (because all links count for 23 characters anyway regardless of true length), so you will usually see the full link by default, except for the https:// at the start.

If you want to check the beginning too, if you're on a computer you can hover over it to see the totally full link, or right click to copy it.

On a phone, you can copy links if you're logged in through the browser by long pressing a link.

In apps... it depends on the app I guess? The official app doesn't seem to have any method?

@feditips thanks. and yeah, that’s been my experience with the official apps so far.


I guess a workaround for the app is to copy the post's link (from "..."), then open the post in the phone's web browser, then long press the link within the post there.

@roq @feditips official apps are pretty cringe rn, they only recently even added the local and twkn timelines like what??

@konni @roq

There was an unexpected rush to get the official apps released because Elon Musk buying Twitter massively increased the number of active Fedi users overnight (it was something like doubled in 24 hours!)

Some people think they have to use an official app to access a social network (I know they're wrong but that's what they believe) so releasing the official apps while still in beta state was probably the easiest way of helping Twitter users onto Mastodon.

The official apps weren't originally due to release so soon, but they should eventually get to a proper release state through updates. They've already had a couple of updates since release, I think?

@feditips @konni @roq
Cool - good to know the theory.
And as always expect more to the story. Generally 'these guys' generally seem to do thing right or by their own good ways so it's reassuring there is a good reason and even shortcuts are measured or part of the overall which fill in later despite some initial 'aesthetics' and missing stuff let's say :)

@feditips If only i saw this toot before posting mine. 😅


You can visit the "home of the first website", but only if you use http instead of https. 🤓

@feditips Stopp calling yourself "feditips" when you post only mastodon related content... please!


I don't just post about Mastodon.

Here's a post about PeerTube from a few days ago:

I also have a whole account devoted to PeerTube and OwnCast at @FediVideos

The reason Mastodon comes up so much is because I'm trying to help new people, and Mastodon is where almost all new people enter the Fediverse.

If they get comfortable on Mastodon, they will try out other platforms, which is exactly what I encourage people to do:

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