Had a question about bots, so here's some info:

Some accounts on Mastodon are marked as "bot" by their owners. It just means that the posts are automated and there's probably no one monitoring the account.

To mark your account as a "bot", log in through the website, click on "Edit Profile", tick "this is a bot account" and then click "save changes".

Some bots *are* monitored by their developers though, who may answer on the bot's behalf.

Also, some bots are actually interactive and the bot itself will reply to you in an automated way. A good example of this is the text adventure bot at:


@feditips and some people mark their human account as bot for other reasons!

@M0YNG @feditips Even though I control @bread and @rose accounts and nothing is actually automated, I have them marked as bots because well Bread is an AI and I often share and have fun copying what their responses are etc, and then Rose is their twin they once brought up, and so it's either me pretending to be Rose to get Bread's responses or what Bread has told me about Rose lol.

Haven't marked my other character profiles as well they're not AIs, but yup Bread, and Rose, it's fitting even though I'm still in control and that it's really just Bread at the end of the day who's an AI lol.

@feditips and auto-follow bots have been considered done and a nuisance for a long time now. Please stop using them, I'm getting tired of banning instances for running badly behaving bots 🙃 🤖

And again .... you're only mentioning frickin mastodon.......
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