When you're posting hashtags that contain multiple words, it's a good idea to capitalise the first letter of each word. This helps blind people who use screen reader software to know what the hashtag actually says.

For example is much easier for screen reader users than , even though they're technically the same tag.

This kind of capitalisation is usually known as "CamelCase". CamelCase doesn't just help blind people, it also makes hashtags clearer for sighted people too!

Using CamelCase won't affect your post's visibility (because searches ignore capitalisation) but it will improve the post's accessibility, so you'll get more people reading it.

Thank you to @martyn for raising this topic 👍

@feditips @martyn I only use hashtags ironically so writing them using lower case letters is part of the point.

@minekpo1 @powersource

I think "PascalCase" vs "camelCase" is if you're discussing programming?

This is post is aimed at non-programmers, and CamelCase is perhaps easiest to remember and understand 🐫 😁

If you say camelCase it isn't obvious that each word has to be capitalised. CamelCase makes it obvious.

If you say PascalCase no one knows what Pascal means, and it's harder to remember what the term was called.

Apologies to programmers out there who are upset by this standard-breaking approach :blobawkward:

@feditips @minekpo1 I'm not gonna argue to call it PascalCase 😁 But I wonder if there's another animal we could invoke 🤔

@feditips @minekpo1 @powersource Honestly, calling it camelCase confused me as a programmer and there a lot of other programmers around. Careful, or you'll end up with python people like myself #using_underscores.

@vwbusguy @feditips @minekpo1 @powersource camelCase will also be fine for screen readers though, because it still signals the word boundaries.

@feditips @minekpo1 @powersource I've generally heard this called TitleCase, which maybe isn't exactly right, but is at least more accessible than PascalCase and doesn't overload an already similarly defined word like camelCase.

@feditips You know what, I started reading the replies expecting to find well-actually-it's-pascal-case and I'm disappointed that I was not disappointed :thisisfine:

@feditips @minekpo1 @powersource

as a computer person (who is not a programmer) whos been calling that CamelCase my whole life I am surprised that its technically not what its called!

@liaizon @feditips @minekpo1 @powersource it's quite pedantic unless you're clarifying between specific subtypes, and even people who know the difference will use camel case in either case commonly. I think it's akin to plaid and tartan.


so when we keep using constantly capitalized first lettern in Hastags, will the #CamelCase-Version be suggested more to others in the #Fediverse?


@sieben_grafik I don't know on that, I just try to do my bit to make the community a nice place. I'm not involved in the mastodon code at all, despite what my notifications are trying to tell me since replying to that high-profile account!

@martyn was not just talking to you, was just wandering on #LinkedIn / #Instagram accounts who want to share more accessible content also gave attention to this and I thought over there that the plattform owners should work on that aswell, but here in the #Fediverse / #ActivityPup it works different of course


@martyn oh and much apriciated, instance by instance a nicer place :)

@sieben_grafik @martyn

I think the suggestions are based on the case used the first time that hashtag was posted.

But fortunately the suggestions now do not alter the case you typed in.

If you type a tag in CamelCase, it will remain in CamelCase.


Realy is that so? in @Tusky it still does :thaenkin: if I start typing a #hashtags it chooses the small caps version if it is the suggested way to type it


@sieben_grafik @feditips @martyn it tends to be a client side thing. Not server side. I remember us adjusting it on a server I was own.
We don't save how it's capitalized yet, but I'm looking to see if we can improve this and a few other things soon.


@feditips @martyn I'm pro-CamelCase (or whatever it's being called), but it's worth noting that the stock Mastodon web client tends to auto-complete hashtags into the all-lowercase form if you use the drop-down menu feature thingy.

I don't know if it always prefers lowercase, or if it just uses the most popular form of that particular hashtag, or what... but I think it signals to users that the auto-completed form is the "correct" one when perhaps it's not always preferable.

@kadin @feditips Yeah, I don't know on that, I just try to do my bit to make the community a nice place. I'm not involved in the mastodon code at all!

that's pascal-case,
camel-case doesn't start with a capital letter.

camel-case ->
pascal-case ->


I'm not so upset as a programmer as i am just in general as a person who likes information.

"pro-CamelCase (or whatever it's being called)"

I saw the confusion and i cleared it up.

@kadin @martyn

That suggestion bug got fixed, it should now preserve whatever case you used when writing it 👍

If your server still does this, please let me know!

@feditips @martyn I've always been a big fan of using camelcase for variable names when programming, never thought much about using it for hashtags though. I will most certainly start.

@Finner @feditips @martyn I keep seeing it described as CamelCase and as an English major I’m screaming internally “Title Case”!!!

@Dananner @feditips @martyn really? I always thought CamelCase was the correct term. Interesting.

@Dananner @feditips @martyn I mean, I think CamelCase is a cooler term than Title Case. Hahaha.

@Finner @Dananner In programming it's "camelCase", "PascalCase", "snake_case" and "kebab-case", in Literature world "Title Case" would be the case (pun very much intended), but title case would have spaces between the words too, so I'm not convinced it'd be the correct term either.

@Finner @martyn well the principle of title case applies …. I can’t help it if #HashtaggedPhrasesCannotHaveSpaces

@Dananner @Finner @martyn

Oh no, looks like I've pissed off programmers AND English graduates. Sorry :blob_pensive:

I'm trying to just get people to remember it to be honest!

Camels are such a vivid visual cue to remind people what the term means 🐫

@Dananner @Finner @feditips @martyn

But "Title Case" does not remove spaces. The term of art: CamelCase does. A tiny nitpick: what you mentioned is Pascal Case, not Camel Case.

Pascal case example:
Camel case example:

Notice how camel case has the first word lowercase. I feel like if anything, this just makes things more confusing for everyone, camel case isn't only a thing in programming.

@thatonecalculator @martyn

As far as I know, CamelCase is the most widely accepted term in accessibility?

For example

Is there a better, clearer, more memorable term for this? BactrianCase works, as what camelCase is named after is Dromedary camels, which is why it's sometimes called dromedaryCase. Bactrian camels have 2 big humps while Dromedary camels (the kind you think of when you think "camel") have one small and one big hump.

Pic 1 is a Bactrian camel, pic 2 is a Dromedary camel.

@thatonecalculator @martyn

To be honest, it's probably moot whatever we decide, as the phrase "CamelCase" has already become the standard when talking about accessibility in text.

@feditips @martyn Interesting stuff. Do you know if tag search in Mastodon is typically case-sensitive?

@feditips may also reduce the obviousness of such misfortunes as "susanalbumparty" and "pokemonmastersex". but then again maybe just word hashtags better because someone's gonna type in lowercase

@feditips @martyn do screen readers parse hashtags into multiple words based on sentence case?

@psiie @feditips yes, good screenreaders can indeed use it as hinting for words they don't recognise. Not sure all screenreaders can but some do (I don't need to use one, just aware that people have asked in the past that other people do this).

@psiie @martyn


The capital letters make clear where words begin and end, so they can be read as normal separate words.

Without capitals, it's difficult/impossible for software to know exactly which words are even present.

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