As you might have noticed, PeerTube has a plugin for chatting during livestreams (screenshot below). It's really nice!

If you do livestreaming on PeerTube, ask your server admin if the plugin can be added, it makes livestreams a lot more fun. There is more info about the plugin at

The creator of the plugin is @John_Livingston and they have a roadmap of more features they want to add to the plugin. You can help make this happen by donating to Livingston's LiberaPay account at

@shyhustler @John_Livingston

Don't worry about currencies mentioned on donation pages, payment systems automatically convert currencies 👍

@shyhustler @John_Livingston

You just donate the amount you want in euros and the payment system will automatically bill you in dollars.

At the moment one euro is about $1.07

@John_Livingston @feditips Sadly, I spoke too soon. I didn’t realize that there wasn’t a single payment option - I don’t do annuity payments #sorry ☹️

I can give you a paypal address by direct message if you want.

@John_Livingston Yes, please do! I promise to make a reasonable donation!

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