Re-boosting your own posts for 'the morning crew' or 'the night crew' is an acceptable and encouraged practice here. We are largely a community of supportive people who enjoy being given the opportunity to help each other and boost content we may have previously missed.

You should never feel ashamed of promoting yourself, especially as an artist, when it's so difficult to reach people. If anyone doesn't want to see your boosts, they can just scroll past.

#WormsOfAffirmation 🐛



Indeed! Some people never see each other's posts because of differences in time zone or personal schedules.

It is okay to boost your own post so that people in other time zones can see it 👍

There is no timeline algorithm on here, everything is chronological, so self-boosting may be the only way to get your posts visible in other time zones.

@feditips @Curator

Great advice!

Taking the stigma off boosting yourself might also have a positive effect on boosting others:

On here content relies on boosts by others to be seen outside your immediate circles.

I noticed on myself that I started hesitating to boost others' toots directly after tooting "valuable" content myself for fear of it getting bumped down too far too quickly.

Knowing that it's acceptable to boost my own post later on reduces that mental hurdle for me. Thoughts?

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