Is there someone you follow on here and you enjoy their posts but you don't want to see their boosts?

Do you wish you could hide their boosts but still see their posts?

You can do this on Mastodon:

1. Log in through the website

2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to mute

3. Click "..."

4. Select "Hide boosts from..."

If you want to see their boosts again, just do the same thing but select "Show boosts from..."

@heurism It's me isn't it. You want to hide my boosts don't you? :ablobcatcry:


I don't know, I think it's a Mastodon feature?

@feditips I just found "hide repeats" in the [...] of the user in your local instance profile. This must be it, it takes a while to apply tho, seems to hit the DB pretty hard
@feditips @corfiot Soapbox over pleroma has this feature also: "Profile, Three dots, Hide boost..."

@feditips Ah, genial. Ich lerne immer wieder dazu 😊👍


"Boosts" are the Mastodon equivalent of retweets.

So, if someone shares another person's post on their own account, that's called a boost.

@feditips This is much more flexible than the 🐦 site. Thanks.

@feditips can I also block toots that contain specific words or domains in links? Kind of tired of my feed being filled with reposts from the bird site.


Yes you can, there's a content filter that works by words or phrases.

On the website, go to Preferences > Filters > Add New Filter

@feditips Fantastic tip! I’d never realised until now how nice a feature this would be to have

@feditips nope. People post what they post. If I follow someone, I’ll see what they post. If I don’t, I won’t.

@scottaw @feditips On the one hand, some people do not publish anything of their own, only reposts. On the other hand, I know many interesting accounts/content only because someone reposted them.

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