Posts on Mastodon, also known as Toots, have a privacy setting.

You can change a toot's privacy while writing it by clicking on the privacy icon. Depending on what the setting is, and depending on how you access Mastodon, privacy will look like a globe 🌐 🌎 or a lock 🔒 or a group 👥 or an envelope ✉️ or an @ sign.

Pick the privacy you want before you publish a toot, as you can't alter it later (unless you delete the toot).

You can also choose a default privacy setting in your account settings. New toots will automatically use the default privacy unless you change it.

On the website, go to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy, choose the default privacy you want and press "Save Changes".

On the official app, go to ⚙️ Settings > The Boring Zone > Account Settings and then log into the website.

@feditips As far as I know privacy settings are not guaranteed to be respected by recipient instances due to protocol concerns. The data is sent to the server of a DM recipient and the server can do whatever it wants with that message. So, privacy is not enforced by the protocol.

@corfiot @feditips Well, at the moment Mastodon DMs aren't end-to-end encrypted yet.

@feditips it seems like the ability to set unlisted on the fly in the official app is gone right?


Yeah, looks like it. Maybe they'll bring it back? They took a lot of features out to get the official app released quickly.

Unofficial apps are a lot more fully featured, as is the website.

@feditips yeah. Someone mentioned the feature was missing back in August so… 🤷‍♀️

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