Have you posted a photo on Mastodon and the preview image hides something important?

If you're using the web version of Masto, you can alter the focus of the preview image when posting photos. Just click "Edit" on the image and move the circle around. When you've finished click "Apply".

(And while you're editing, do remember to add an image description for blind people!)

The two photos below are identical, but one has the focus set to the right and one to the left.

I just wish Mastodon would show an indicator on cropped thumbnails so people can see that not everything is visible because sometimes important parts are missing, even after editing.


You can use the website through your mobile web browser, it has an automatic mobile mode where the buttons are laid out for a phone screen, including focus editing.

Hopefully the official app will get support for editing the focus too 🤞

@feditips @WizardOfDocs I’ve been using Metatext for iOS lately and it has this feature; I don’t know what’s available for Android aside from the web browser.

@gannet @feditips @WizardOfDocs I switch between Mastodon app, Metatext and Toots! I do love Metatext for these features.

@feditips @WizardOfDocs @gannet not sure what functionality Tusk has but that one seems to come up a lot as preferred.

@moonlightsiesta @WizardOfDocs @gannet

Tusky and FediLab are both good on Android, they've been around for a lot longer than the official app and have more features.

@WizardOfDocs @feditips the app Metatext has this feature built-in! I’ve been using it, and it works great 😊 The only downside is that the app isn’t free

The change of focus does not work in my client (#whalebird) both images look the same in the preview 🤔


The effect of editing focus depends on the shape of the image and the way your app formats preview images, what the cropping is, how it lays out multiple images etc.

In some combinations of image and app, there will be no need to edit focus because the preview and image aspect ratios are identical and there's no need for cropping.

For example, a single preview image on the website and official app is 16:9 so if you're posting a single 16:9 image the focus won't have any effect, because there won't be any cropping.

Nice clue! This is not implemented everywhere, I suppose? On #FediLab I see literally identical images.


I'm not sure if it's lack of implementation or just FediLab displaying previews at a different aspect ratio?

I've attached what it looks like on the website.

@feditips Yup, that's what I get with qoto in browser. On @fedilab they're identical. Aspect ratio is about square there, too.

@feditips eh, while I do appreciate the mention of accessibility, it was forgotten on the post itself


There are text descriptions on both of the pictures?

@feditips that's my bad. Not familiar yet with how this website does things.

@feditips some questions if I may. Why is there no message button (instead this being under the 3 dots to the side? How should image descriptions be made? I don't know how screenreaders work. Hovering over the post on desktop let's it show up, but moving the mouse slightly, removes the description, this might be an issue for people with an disability that affects their motor controls.


Yes, questions always welcome :blobhappy:

I don't use screenreader software myself but I think it scans the code of the page so that it doesn't have to hover over images.

I'm not sure what you mean by a message button? You can reply to posts by clicking the arrow or the speech bubbles below the post, you don't need to use the "...".

To reply privately to someone, @ them and set the privacy to "mentioned people only". You can change privacy at the bottom of a post, the privacy button will look like a globe 🌐 or a lock 🔒 or an @ sign depending on what its current setting is.

The official app doesn't have a message button (yet) but the website version does, it's called "direct messages" or "conversations" but it does exactly the same thing as @-ing someone with "mentioned people only".

@feditips I mean that on people's profile there is no envelope button to send them a message and that it is underneath the three dots next to their follow button


Ahhh ok, yeah, that's true, you have to click "...". I don't know why they designed the interface like that.

You can also just click "..." below someone's post to message them.


Sorry, I should have said...

On the official app it's speech button plus set privacy to only people mentioned.

If you're on the website, it's "..." and then "message".

@feditips ah, you mean on mobile devices like phones and tablets?


The official app is on phones and tablets, the website is on anything.

@feditips does slow mode also affect notifications, i cannot test it out right now as I don't have any frequent notifications, but it seems like it does. Which those were separate options, so the feed is in slow mode, but notifications can be set to automatic


Yes, slow mode covers anything where new updates would normally cause the column to scroll, including notifications and posts.

If you have slow mode on, any new notifications or posts will be hidden behind a "X new items" link you have to click to reveal them.

@feditips how do I prevent seeing foreign language posts? I'm bilingual and I would want to avoid seeing posts I do not understand. I had already selected my languages but still see posts in different ones.


You've already set the language filter?

Are you talking about languages on the Federated and Local timelines?

@feditips I do not know what those are haha, still a greenhorn on social media like this. (this open source kind of stuff)


Okay, no worries 😁

What is it you do that makes foreign language posts appear on your screen?

@feditips I look at people's accounts and their retweets still show posts I cannot understand. Are there plans for automatic translations for people's trunks?


Ahh ok!

Just to check, on the language filter, did you click "save changes" after you'd selected the langauges you wanted?

And yes, apparently there are plans for automatic translation through an open source platform, but I don't know when that will happen.

@feditips unfortunately the desktop app I use, @sengi_app, seems to not care where you set the focus and just picked the middle.

@Ticktok @sengi_app

Oh no, I'm sorry

I hope the original post wasn't confusing people on apps that don't use focus. It must have seemed a bit of an odd toot!


You can't edit toots yet. The code has already been written but it hasn't been activated yet.

@feditips was kinda expecting the term for making posts to be called mastos, with toots I only imagine a loud mouthed THWOMP at someone

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