Some random quick Mastodon tips which new people may find useful:

-You don't need link shorteners on Mastodon because all links count for 23 characters of your limit, no matter how long they really are.

-Make sure you include https:// at the start of website addresses so they will turn into clickable links.

-If you're using website Mastodon, you can switch to dark or light mode by going to ⚙️ Preferences > Site Theme > Mastodon Dark (or Mastodon Light). Some servers have even more colour options 🎨

-On the official app you can go to ⚙️ Settings and select Light or Dark there.

-You can report rule-breaking toots by clicking "..." on the toot and selecting Report. This goes to your server admin, and optionally anonymously to the rule-breaker's server admin too.


I think 23 characters is the length of the link shortener on Twitter.

On Masto you get the same length without having to actually shorten the link.

Link shorteners are a problem for privacy because whoever runs them can monitor link clicks etc. That's why Mastodon doesn't use them.

Wow, did not know about the links. Why 23 characters, though..? 🤔

@feditips thank you for the tips. Do you know if there’s an option to mute hashtags? I’m using the mastodon app on iphone…


On the web version you can filter out posts using certain words and phrases by going to Preferences > Filters > Add New Filter.

I don't know if this carries over to the official app, but give it a try?

@feditips wow, it *had* been a long time since i visited the website! Great to see all the possiilities. Time will tell it the mutes work on the app, too (if not it's not a problem)


Website is the most fully-featured way to use Masto, definitely!

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