An appeal for help:

Trunk is an opt-in directory of people on Mastodon and the Fediverse looking for followers, organised into a large range of topics:

Anyone can ask to be added, and the admins of Trunk check the account (to screen out spam etc) and add them.

However, due to the need to check the contents of accounts, this Trunk only includes people who post mainly in English. It means they have to turn away a lot of non-English accounts.

The Trunk admins want to fix this situation.

Do you use a language other than English? Do you want to help make a version of Trunk in your own language?

The English Trunk admins can help you with the technical side, but they need people who speak other languages to moderate Trunks in those other languages.

➡️ Can you help? If so, get in touch with @kensanata who leads the Trunk project.

(There is a Spanish Trunk at but so far no other languages.)

@feditips @kensanata "Local & Regional Accounts" points to Linux Distros, instead of where it should.

@feditips @kensanata @TurboKitty this would be a great feature to gather leftists together following the bird exodus.

@Sh4d0w_H34rt @feditips @kensanata Looks like a really good feature, just keep in mind, it will take a little time to buildp.s. I sing here too 😉

@feditips @kensanata What about categories? Is it possible to add more?
I showed trunk to my grifriend and she complained that there is a lot more technical categories in comparison to humanist.

@stepan @kensanata

I think the categories are determined by the people who ask to be added.

If people ask to be added under new humanist categories, more humanist categories will appear?

@stepan @feditips @kensanata Typical Mastodon problem. You usually have the Linux FOSS enthusiasts on most instances. At least that's what I noticed (and I'm one of them).

@Alirrasona is a more normal user and I guess she also noticed it.

@NettoHikari @stepan @kensanata @Alirrasona

You can ask for a category if it is missing.

It's an opt-in directory, the admins are not allowed to add anyone unless the person actively asks to be added.

Because of this, the admins also aren't allowed to add new categories unless a person actively asks to be put in that new category.

tl:dr: If you want categories added on Trunk, ask for your account to be added to those missing categories.

@feditips @kensanata I think the idea is VERY nice, but this should be integrated into Mastodon or the Fediverse directly, somehow, as an external list just adds complexity UX-wise and as long as Mastodon and co. keep being complicated in comparison to bird app, the recently occured mass migration will only be of short duration, because many "normies" will return to where they came from and they will just live with the Elon-ness.

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