When posting images and videos on here, please remember to add a text description to the image. If you're wondering why, the most boosted toot of 2021 will tell you:

You can add a description while posting by clicking on the link that is on top of the image itself. On the website the description link will be called "Edit", on the official app it's "Describe the photo for the visually impaired". Third party apps may call the link something else.

The description can't (currently) be added later, so make sure you add it before you post.

Text descriptions can be up to 1500 characters, and they won't count towards your main character limit. Even if you're sighted, it's worth reading the description as it may contain extra info or hidden jokes.

@feditips Thank you for the tip! Will remember to do this the next time I post a picture!

@feditips would be nice if there was an option that would always open up this edit dialog after I added an image

@feditips I’ve been writing descriptions but I keep forgetting to tag. Tagging was all before my time.

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