The official Mastodon app really needs to add support for the "Local" timeline.

It was (presumably) left out because on larger servers it's an overwhelming firehose and seems useless.

However, on smaller servers it's a really important way to build a sense of community.

Instances like put a lot of work into making their local timeline pleasant for their members, and they have withdrawn from the directory in protest at the lack of Local support in the official app. This is a bad sign, it shows something has gone wrong in relations with smaller instances.

Small servers are really good for Masto, because the more small servers there are, the harder it will be for any amoral billionaires to try to buy up the network.

If you agree that the Local timeline should be added to the official app, please add thumbs up to the relevant issues on GitHub:


p.s. To make clear: the Local timeline is still there on Mastodon, it's just you can't see it from the official Mastodon app.

To access Local, use Mastodon through your web browser, and/or install an unofficial app instead of the official one. The unofficial apps have been around for a lot longer, and include more features in general.

You can see the unofficial apps in the "third party" section of, and the Android unofficial apps are also on @fdroidorg.

@feditips we can use the browser or wait to groups coming in.
Or even another temp solution, follow all local users we want updates from.


I agree that the “firehose” argument is valid, so my proposal is to have Local and Federated timelines built into the official iOS and Android apps, but have them *disabled by default*.

New users don’t get overwhelmed and those who have a clear idea what they want will need to explicitly enable it.

@feditips Without other timelines I get much less content than on tusky or in the browser.

As someone else also suggested, the timelines could be made optional and new users wouldn't get overwhelmed with too many timelines.

@feditips using Mast (on Apple devices, don’t know if there’s an android-version) you can have a local timeline. You can even add other instances as „lists“ in order to read their timelines.

@davidlohner @feditips I liked using Mast but unfortunately the developer no longer actively develops the app as the last update was over a year ago

@feditips @davidlohner similar situation to Mast. Metabolist, the developer of Metatext, stopped development when the official mastodon app released. There are a few bugs but it still works pretty well. Just sad that it’s no longer actively developed. A lot of iOS Mastodon apps have not been updated in the last year.

Fediverse ≠ activitypub ≠ mastodon...

There are alternative methods to control a pleasant environment, without reliance upon unknown administrators.

#^ - Fediverse.Party - explore federated networks

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@feditips Federated to me was the firehose with different languages.

@feditips not really an issue IMO. This is the fediverse, there are tons of apps to choose from.

@feditips riddiculous, they remove the federated and local timeline, but the explore tab itself is broken.

I'm on a small server, and all i can see is just 404 not found when opening explore tab 😂

@feditips thanks for reminding. I added my recent experience with new users where I needed some time and some incomprehensible 'why'... to Identify the official app as the problem, not the user, when I tried to tell 'the' unique selling points of a federated multi instance network.

For me, the local timeline is the most important thing. That's why I'm here. A kind of home, where the fireplace glows, good music plays and I know all the people.🤘
Of course, I also go out sometimes and then I am on the timeline of all my contacts (following, followed). There it is a little rougher, but I have it under control.🤓
Rarely, very rarely I go out into the world and visit the Federation. Maybe once a month. But that's enough and after that I appreciate my fireplace again.🖖

As a Mod on a bigger instance, I scroll through the local timeline in the morning to see if there is anything that needs to be dealt with (spam, etc.). So I stick to other apps.

@feditips I agree in principle but this is a reasonable argument for starting with a limited set of #Mastodon features: «With #Apple and #Google historically holding apps accountable for content users can access through the app, even when the app could be reasonably classified as a browser, showing unfiltered content is a ticking time bomb for the app’s presence on the major app stores.»


These are interesting arguments, it would be good if they were discussed in the issues raised in the githubs.

The problem seems to be that on smaller instances the risks from the Local timeline are small while the benefits are high. On larger instances, it's exactly the other way around.

@feditips yes I agree I use my local timeline all the time.

@feditips I think that the solution at least for the moment is on the large number of third apps on the stores that allow those timelines :mastodon: #tusky #fedilab #amaroq

@feditips More convenient to use via a web browser than a direct application

@feditips Totally agree. At least local, but I would prefer federated also.

@feditips Since when do we need to re-centralize and de-federate to be a community????


No no, no one is defederating!

Federation isn't affected, you can still follow people on other servers and their posts will show up on your timeline. That is all totally fine on all apps, including the official one.

The only issue I'm raising is that the official app doesn't show the "Local" timeline where you see posts from everyone on your server including people you don't follow.

@feditips Yes .. and that is actually a re-centralizin feature..

Over here in the fediverse, we don't necessarily join to get just the bubble of one particular server...

And as i understand it, mastodon has this 'explore' feature, which shows you other _local_ users to follow possibly..

So overall .. mh

I have a stream with all the ppl i follow ... and from time to time i look into specific #hashtags or similar.

I don't really get why you would need to have a stream just for ppl "with you on the same virtual home right now". ;)
Btw, i can understand that one might think, uh, i was on twitter .. and now i don't even know where to start.

But in the long run ..... where someone actually resides for the moment, is as unimportant as his skin color, race or even his/her last meal or pronoun. ;)
I guess it depends on the instance, some instances are topic centric for example. Or sometimes it's just to get one feed where it's regularly the same people, not your friends, but just some people who float around you and with whom you exchange a word from time to time. This can give the sense of proximity you get in an actual neighborhood.

Whether one likes the feature or not, I still think this giving an identity to the local entities is a decentralizing feature; while thinking of the instances as a technical step to reach the one federated world would be more like a centralizing mindset. Could you explain how you come to the opposite conclusion?

@feditips Good news! A "Local Timeline" string just added into Mastodon for Android app. I think we should calm down and waiting for new changes.

So, why do people want a native app when the web app works as well as it does? I guess you could argue that it's easier on resources (assuming it's not an electron app). Are there other reasons?
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