Do you have a blog that's powered by WordPress software?

Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse so that people on Mastodon and other platforms can interact with it?

You just need to add the ActivityPub WordPress plugin:

You should be able to find this from your blog's plugins menu.

(By the way, this doesn't work on free accounts that are hosted by

If you're using for hosting a WordPress blog, you might want to consider switching to another WordPress hosting provider.'s free tier doesn't allow plugins, so a lot of options (such as connecting your blog to the Fediverse) are closed to you.

The only way of getting plugins on is to use their business tier, which is extremely expensive for what it is.

A cheaper and better option is to use an independent WordPress hosting provider for a few euros/dollars a month that includes a WordPress instance which is automatically installed and updated. Lots of companies and organisations offer this.

Using an indie hoster for WordPress means you get full independence, full control and access to all the plugins (including connecting to the Fediverse). And there are no ads either.

@brian @feditips it works fine. Have 2 blogs published this way...
African Music Forum
Main blog
Just follow these accounts, and then you can reply to posts (appears as comments).

@brian cool stuff. There are a few other plugins that you can add to help propagate etc...
Such as Nodeinfo, WebFinger etc.

@feditips Besitzen Sie einen Blog, der mit WordPress-Software betrieben wird?

Wussten Sie, dass Sie ihn mit dem Fediverse verbinden können, so dass Menschen auf Mastodon und anderen Plattformen mit ihm interagieren können?

Sie müssen nur das ActivityPub WordPress Plugin hinzufügen:

Sie sollten es über das Plugin-Menü Ihres Blogs finden können.

(Übrigens funktioniert dies nicht bei kostenlosen Konten, die von gehostet werden).

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Gibt es dann eigentlich etwas beim DSGVO Disclaimer zu beachten?
Ich hab meine Seite mittlerweile geschlossen, weil mir der ganze Rechts-Kram zu gefährlich wurde. Ich habe einfach kein Jura Studium und kann mir einen Anwalt nicht leisten.
Aber ich unterstütze ein paar Leute mit ihren Wordpress-Installationen und kann die vielleicht zu einer Verbindung ins #fediverse überzeugen.

@feditips Its a shame I can’t get it on, would have enabled it.

@feditips Never heard of ActivityPub. The only plugin we've used is Mastodon Share for WordPress. This might be worth looking into for our own blog. Thanks!

@damagecontrolblog @feditips I've used ActivityPub briefly, but it made every posting available on the fediverse, and used WP internal user names as fediverse account names. I switched to the Mastodon share plugin, allowing me to share posts selectively to a seperately existing Mastodon account (I run a 1 person instance). That fits my set-up and usage better.

@ton @feditips That's an interesting set up! Thanks for giving us some food for thought.

@feditips I recently installed the ActivityPub plugin on a few WP sites I host & I agree. I'd also like to point out that it's cheap (~$5/mo) to host one or more of your own WP instances on a commodity cloud VPS. I've written this howto on how we set up WP Multisite to provide our Open Education Resource (#OER)- based courses
It's not that hard. Note, the howto includes quite a lot of extra info beyond what you need to set up your own basic WP site.

@lightweight @feditips
I dont run a Wordpress site currently, but know a few people who does. What plugin should I recommended to them - and are there any benefit, if they are not using any fedi related services themselves?

@MrManor @feditips generally the fewer the better. I don't have any specific ones to recommend.

@lightweight @feditips thanks, I agree that less plugin is better. And sorry I wasnt clear in my question: It was related to Wordpress/Fediverse integration and which plugin you guys use for that.

@feditips or self-host via docker; it is incredibly easy to set-up and get going with the official documentation

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