If you're a Fediverse developer, you can apply for funding for your project from @NGIZero.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to their latest round of funding is 1st April 2022:


NGI has already funded development of many Fedi platforms like PixelFed, PeerTube, Mastodon and others, as well as lots of non-Fedi libre software too (see the very long list of supported projects here: nlnet.nl/project/current.html)

More info about the foundation that runs the fund at nlnet.nl

@feditips @NGIZero I am a fediverse developer, but I don't regard myself as trying to do anything innovative. As far as possible, what I'm doing should be boring but dependable, using only existing internet standards like ActivityPub, CalDav and RSS, and following something resembling a #NothingNew approach.



IMHO simply developing for Fediverse is an innovative act when social media is so centralised 👍 Nothing wrong with mature, proven technologies applied in a good new way.

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