The PeerTube instance has some of the best videos on the Fediverse, but at the end of last year a freak software bug in PeerTube broke a lot (maybe most?) of its follows from Mastodon etc.

However, the bug has been fixed in the latest version of PeerTube! 🥳

Unfortunately, the existing broken follows are still broken and need to be fixed manually.

To fix these broken follows, all current followers should unfollow Tilvids accounts, wait a short while and then refollow them. (NOTE: This needs to be done even if it looks like the follows are already working ok. Follows that are broken due to this bug don't look broken 😔 ).

New followers don't need to do anything special, totally new follows made after the bug was fixed should work fine first time.

Did any other peertube instance got affected by this bug ?


I don't know!

The latest version of PeerTube changes the way it handles federation, this seems to have fixed whatever was causing the problem.

I hope they fixed it pretty quickly so that it doesn't affect a lot of instances, that one is a nasty bug for sure.


This particular bug seemed to be fairly rare, I think 🤞

@feditips Could that be related to federated comments not appearing on TILvids? (I mean those two)


Yeah, comments made from Mastodon were disappearing and new Tilvids videos weren't appearing in Mastodon timelines. (Plus follower counts started changing wildly.)

Unfollowing and re-following seems to fix all these things, that's why it's important existing followers do this.

@feditips OK ! So ideally one should unfollow and refollow all their TILvids (or even Peertube, to be sure) subscriptions so that comments don't disappear in the future? Is it for all remote followers (I mean Friendica, ...)?

What about the already disappeared comments? I guess they won't reappear by themselves? Could resharing do the trick, or shall one duplicate them?

Sorry for the avanlanche of questions 😁


Yes, if you were following accounts before the bug fix, unfollow and refollow all those Tilvids.

Brand new follows made now don't need to worry, because they won't be affected by the bug.

I don't know what happened to the comments, I assume you would have to re-post them (on Mastodon this is easy with "delete and re-draft").


I don't know whether it applies to all platforms, I have only observed this problem with Mastodon follows.

@feditips So after resending those comments from here I noticed one thing : I cannot comment (from Friendica at least) from a channel that I don't follow (or, more precisely, if I don't follow the author or the channel). I wouldn't think this is the expected behaviour?



Just tried it, happened to me too.

I'll report it on the PeerTube Github.

@feditips so the accounts i was following will still be in my follow list, but don't show up in my timeline?

@feditips thanks for the tip, I did that while both of our instances were on the old version and it didn't help, I will try that now again.

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