Mastodon and most other Fediverse platforms display posts chronologically, without any algorithms.

On your feed you will see all the posts from all the people you follow, in the order they posted them.

Because of this, if you post something important you may want to boost it again later in the day so that people in different time zones have a better chance of seeing it.

@feditips Here's the thing people often seem to miss... having an algorithm generated timeline isn't inherently bad, it's having that algorithm be an opaque, black box that's out of control of the user.

I would *love* to have an algo that prioritized toots from the people I interact with the most, or that prioritized toots with hashtags of my choosing.

I just don't want some advertising company choosing my timeline priority based on their interests and stuffing it full of "promoted" content.

@Blort @feditips Or how about when there's shit inserted from people you don't follow because someone you follow liked it, or because someone you follow follows that person.

Like if I wanted to see their posts, I would follow them???

@brandon @feditips

Absolutely. To me the point is that users should have control over our timelines. Sure, I'd like some help from an algorithm to decide what to show me, but I want to control that algo.

Personally I'd love to see something like in #Yacy, where there's a bunch of categories and the user chooses how much each should influence the ranking, ie toots "from people you follow" "people you interact with often" "recent toots" "hashtags in your profile" with a 0-5 user set weighting.

@Blort @feditips Or an algo that prioritized images with descriptions over those that don't have one.

@Blort @feditips Maybe you already know, but there's the lists feature, and (this year) there'll be groups too. Also, the "advanced web interface" allows you to create hashtags dedicated columns.

@tagomago @feditips

I already use hashtag columns, which unfortunately don't carry across to mobile clients I know of. I'm also aware of lists. All these things are valuable tools to add granularity with what the user can access and how. What I'd love though would be something that could be configured once that quickly showed me the toots I care about the most first, rather than going through more interface such as columns or lists, or having to scroll through hundreds of toots.

@Blort @feditips Yeah... you need user tracking and non-anonymized usage analysis for that, and I guess you already know that's the opposite of Mastodon's (and I would say the whole Fediverse's) nature. If your TL gets too thick, maybe you need to follow less accounts, or less high-volume posting accounts?

@tagomago @feditips

All it would need would be to let the user configure what types of toots they would most like to see first, ie toots from accounts followed, specific hashtags etc. There's no data needed beyond what's already in the database.

My point is that letting the user choose how their own timeline is sorted isn't automatically inferior to a chronologically sorted timeline being forced on everyone. It should just be the users preference, not advertisers or developers.

Indeed, time-of-posting-based feed is still an algorithm. The point is, as you said, to know exactly how one works and (preferably) to have an option to change it to another.

When others think it is important it will get boosted by others
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