The Fediverse has a podcasting platform called @Castopod which has accounts that can be followed from Mastodon etc. People can also comment, like or share individual episodes. More info at:

It has just moved out of alpha testing into beta testing, with a new interface and lots of new features.

Podcasts can also (of course!) be followed through RSS instead, if you prefer.

So happy to see this, federation really seems like the best solution for podcasting 😀

Dang this is epic. #Funkwhale is cool but it’s slightly clunky, if #Castopod is super simple to use this’ll be a boon for content creators and podcasters who want to self-host!

We designed Castopod to be as simple as possible to: install, host and use!

@feditips @Castopod Who came up with the Podcasting 2.0 thing? I always thought that was an Adam Curry thing since he mentions it all the time, but it seems like it's a much bigger movement.

@adam and @dave, AKA the Podfather & the Podsage, are indeed the ones who gave birth to Podcasting 2.0 but we are millions (OK maybe not that many...) to raise it and make it grow!

@feditips Is there a public instance of @Castopod to see how it works? Are there any known podcasts hosting on this platform already?

@pvagner @Castopod

CastoPod is apparently going to launch a public directory of instances very soon, I will post about it when they do! 👍

@feditips @Castopod unfortunately I wont use it unless they remove crypto stuff decentralization means nothing with a dead planet

Hello @protodrew, Castopod does not rely on any blockchain. It's just plain RSS.
If you want to get paid with bitcoins, you have to rely on another system, such as LND.
If you don't want to get paid with bitcoin, just don't. No blockchain will ever be used with Castopod.

@feditips @Castopod

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