Some good hashtags to check out on the Fediverse:

- Things people have baked

- Pictures of good bois

- Plants and flowers

- Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

- Artists on the Fediverse

& - New people on here, say hello

& - Music tracks currently listened to

- Pictures of cats on Saturdays

- Mushrooms and other fungi

& & - Fiction and poetry short enough to fit into a toot

- Pictures of moss

- Interesting artists on Bandcamp

- Anything you are reading

- Anything you are writing

& - Requesting help or info from people on the Fedi

- French language discussion of books on Fridays

- Italian language discussion of music

@feditips I hope people will use more #FediArt instead of #MastoArt, I find the name quite unfair for the whole fediverse and invisibilizes a bit the hard work of devs on other social media than Mastodon



I'll try to include both hashtags the next time I post this kind of list 👍

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