Some good hashtags to check out on the Fediverse:

- Things people have baked

- Pictures of good bois

- Plants and flowers

- Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

- Artists on the Fediverse

& - New people on here, say hello

& - Music tracks currently listened to

- Pictures of cats on Saturdays

- Mushrooms and other fungi

& & - Fiction and poetry short enough to fit into a toot

- Pictures of moss

- Interesting artists on Bandcamp

- Anything you are reading

- Anything you are writing

& - Requesting help or info from people on the Fedi

- French language discussion of books on Fridays

- Italian language discussion of music


Is it possible to follow certain Hashtags on the Fediverse (so that you don’t have to remember them and look them up later)?



The android app @Tusky supports following hashtags, and also the Mastodon desktop advanced interface lets you pin tags as a separate column.

You can activate the advanced interface by going to Preferences > Appearance > Enable advanced web interface and then click "Save Changes".

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