Are you new to Mastodon and the Fediverse?

Here's a starter guide for beginners:

-How to find people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse

-Recommended Mastodon apps

-Popular hashtags

-What is the Fediverse?

-What is an instance?

-Why is Mastodon and the Fediverse spread out on lots of sites?

-What is your Mastodon/Fediverse address?

-How to report abuse

-How to invite people to Mastodon

-How to verify your account (if you have a website)

Follow me @feditips to see new tips posted regularly, and if there are any questions you want answered, reply or send me a message :blobhappy: why the mastodon-heavy branding when a lot of what makes the fediverse so good is that different software can interop? it's supposed to be decentralized not only in that there are multiple instances, but also that there is choice between different servers and even frontends.

i know gargron has tried to box fedi into a corner to push his product ("The Mastodon Network") but referring to the network as mastodon, at all, only serves to exacerbate this problem. we still call it email despite gmail having gained an enormous portion of market share.

it is also confusing to anyone who started out using other software when advice and documentation is pitched as generic to the fediverse but only really covers mastodon. for example you link to "recommended mastodon apps" - what about apps for pleroma and misskey? a few of the apps on the list will work with all of the above, but since you are linking to a list
curated by the mastodon project, of course it will not actually explain which are compatible with which servers, because they don't care about any others (which is fair enough on their part).

i do not want to accuse the authors or whoever is running this account of some kind of conspiracy to promote mastodon, but this really does not even pay the slightest lip service to other software and developers (note: not "mastodon alternatives". other software.) that have made fedi what it is, and frankly have brought it further than the mastodon project is interested in doing. even in this post alone i am using basic rich text formatting and trying to keep in mind that i need to write things clearly because you won't be able to see the formatting.

if you had called the account "MastodonTips" then i wouldn't have said a word. but calling it FediTips when there isn't even a mention of anything other than mastodon is misleading at best.


The one and only reason I post about Mastodon for beginners so much is because Mastodon is, by far, their most likely entry point into the Fedi.

There are several million registered users on Mastodon (, its onboarding (website, app support etc) is aimed at a mainstream audience, and it has got mainstream coverage.

I want the Fediverse to be as diverse as possible (that's why I am called FediTips!) and I promote new non-Mastodon platforms like Bookwyrm etc whenever possible.

However, if I am doing a post aimed at beginners it has to acknowledge that they discover the Fediverse through Mastodon.

I am trying to use Mastodon as a gateway into the rest of the Fedi: people join through Masto and then find out about all the rest.

"but calling it FediTips when there isn't even a mention of anything other than mastodon is misleading at best"

This simply isn't true. Even in the post you are commenting on, I explain to beginners about non-Masto Fedi! I actually entered via pleroma instead since i couldn't get mastodon installed.

but I am likely less then 1% of 1% of fediverse users
considering linux is 2% of the desktop market share and then i'm running gentoo which is then even few numbers of that 2%. don't feel too bad for mastodon though, i couldn't get hubzilla installed either.

@logan @feditips @natalie what was the problem with Mastodon? last time I couldn't install it was because of some broken Ruby gem they had as a dependency pretty much all documentation and scripts for installing both mastodon and hubzilla is exclusively written for ubuntu server and debian.

@logan @feditips @natalie on your server? based, wish OVH didn't remove Arch from the distro options dns is sometimes a bit tricky. my script doesn't always catch the ip changes in time.
running smoothly though so far other then that.

@logan @feditips @natalie that's pretty cool. I hosted a server on a crappy PC I had lying around, wasn't the brightest idea because there's a Windows user on the network I have a windows user on my network 2 😆 .
got someone with an xbox.
and apparently there is a tv connect to the network as well , at least from the dhcp records i saw earlier.

@logan @feditips @natalie well my router is so trash that it's probably possible to breach it rather easily, and because it's garbage it mistakenly port forwarded the Windows PC instead of the server

@natalie @feditips some people are too nooby to understand why it's called the "fediverse"

@feditips #adguard dns seams to have falsely blocked the short links. I have just put in an email the explain the false positive.

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