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You interact with PeerTube accounts the same way you interact with Mastodon:


You will only see videos that have been posted after someone on your instance followed that account.

To see all of the videos on a PeerTube account, click on the account's icon in Mastodon to open their PeerTube page.

For example, try going to the profile page for @yesterkitchen and click on their avatar picture, it should open their account on PeerTube. You will then see all of the videos they have published so far.

@BuntBlock Okay, I understand now how to follow the videos of an peertube account. Thanks!
And can you also follow all the videos of a peertube instance from Mastodon?

@torsten_torsten @BuntBlock@social.tchncs.de

You can follow PeerTube accounts, and when they post a new video it will appear as a post in your Mastodon stream.

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