PeerTube instances can be a bit hit and miss, some of them are completely unmoderated and full of awful content.

However, there are some really nice useful PeerTube instances with excellent admins, for example:

You can also follow accounts from PeerTube through Mastodon, just click on "subscribe" within PeerTube. You can also subscribe via RSS if you prefer.

p.s. These PeerTube instances are also useful and well-moderated: (in German)

@feditips appears to have been dead for several weeks 😞

@miklo works fine for me? I watch it quite regularly.

Tried it again just now, still loads fine.

@feditips it seems that or their ISP block connection from AirVPN i'm using. Without VPN is OK.

@timkrief @feditips Thanks for the heads-up Tim! And thanks for including us in your top list FediTips!

@feditips I would add and (both on french)

@ilja @sean

Oh heck, that's a good point. I will have to redo this list again soon.

Even I have a thick board in front of my head sometimes: How can I follow a #PeerTube channel here on #Mastodon? I'm probably too stupid for that and don't get it.

@BuntBlock @feditips I think you just have to copy the adress of the peertube channel ( to your mastodon searchfield, hit enter and than follow. No? =)

@torsten_torsten @feditips
No, this was my first – and only – thought, but didn't work. 😩

@BuntBlock @feditips Strange, works for me. What part doesn't work for you? Finding already?

@torsten_torsten @feditips
I tried, and that was my request, to follow an instance in order to see all new entries. This seems not to be able.

But now I understand how to follow a user. And yes, that works, as you mentioned.

@BuntBlock @feditips " to follow an instance in order to see all new entries"

Ah, to follow the latest entries of a peertube instance there is a rss-feed on each peertube instance. E.g.…

I just don't know how to find and open it via mastodon. Maybe @feditips has an idea? (It works on Friendica though).

@torsten_torsten @BuntBlock

Following a PeerTube account on Mastodon will add all their future posts to your Mastodon feed.

You don't need RSS to do this.

@BuntBlock @torsten_torsten

You interact with PeerTube accounts the same way you interact with Mastodon:

You will only see videos that have been posted after someone on your instance followed that account.

To see all of the videos on a PeerTube account, click on the account's icon in Mastodon to open their PeerTube page.

For example, try going to the profile page for @yesterkitchen and click on their avatar picture, it should open their account on PeerTube. You will then see all of the videos they have published so far.

@BuntBlock Okay, I understand now how to follow the videos of an peertube account. Thanks!
And can you also follow all the videos of a peertube instance from Mastodon?

@torsten_torsten @BuntBlock

You can follow PeerTube accounts, and when they post a new video it will appear as a post in your Mastodon stream.

@feditips yesssss I was waiting for something like this! Thank you!!!

@feditips is actually an interesting peertube instance. They're more lose with their moderation but anything extreme like conspiracy theories and such will be removed. Being run by an educational project that has created many scientific books, videos, documentaries, etc, this instance is a source of many educational & scientific content.

Read this article to learn more about their moderation -

No mention of activitypub???

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