If you are a fan of free open source projects (or any other kind of project for that matter), try asking them if they have a Fediverse account. Even if they don't, this will let them know there's demand for being on the Fedi.

If they DO have an account, please let me know so I can promote them on @FediFollows 👍

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@feditips @FediFollows I know this local hacker- and IT-upcycling-space from #Leipzig that is in the fediverse

@feditips @FediFollows Here is some of the artwork. We are the World's First Decentralised Media Arts Collective 😀. We're not ready to be promoted quite yet but we will be soon! In the meantime, enjoy the artwork and the speed drawing video! Thanks for your great work spreading the news of FOSS and Open Culture!!

@feditips @FediFollows I know you've mentioned Sylvia Ritter before but WOW her work is so inspiring! @sylvia_ritter

We're inspired by unfa at @unfa because of his excellent FOSS Audio tutorials.

Disclaimer: Not associated with these artists but always inspired by them.

Our Decentralised Media Arts Collective is also looking for ways to promote other Open Culture artists as well because FOSS & Open Culture is a small group of people and the more we help each other the more we all succeed!

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