Do you follow someone on Mastodon who does great posts but not-so-great boosts? Or maybe they boost too much?

You can mute just their boosts if you like:

1. Go to their profile
2. Click on "..."
3. Select "Hide boosts from"

This will not affect their own posts, which you will see as normal.

P.S. If you're new here, boosts are the equivalent of retweets or shares 🔁


Is it possible to mute keyworded-posts for one user specifically ?
For example, I'm okay with following one guy, but he has awful musical tastes so I don't want to see his soundchecks, but I still want to see soundchecks made by other people with good taste in music ?

@lienrag Oh that would be lovely.

Even better, some more complex filtering engine that would allow me to:
- Create groups of users;
- Define filters like, "for group X, hide toots that match a given regular expression";
- Specify to either hide the whole threads, or hide individual toots but have a marker like "N toots hidden" in appropriate places of a thread.

Does Mastodon codebase accept ideas/pull requests for power-user features anyway?



I believe so (for your last question), though if they're not matched with code they'll likely be on the bottom of the todo list.
And also can be vetoed for any reason by the core devs.

@feditips the best social interactions are about losing control (in a safe way) so all this fixation on total control is likely to do more damage than good #geekproblem

@feditips that is such a great feature. I actually don't know anyone that I feel that way about on fedi, but I do on many other places.

i'm actually super curious about the social role of boosts vs. favorites on masto. i frequently see posts that have way more boosts than favs and that rarely happens on twitter. i wonder if this has to do with the lack of your followers seeing things you favorited? on twitter that's often used as a "soft retweet" and it seems to be useful as a lesser level of boost, where boosts seem to get saturated with only 1 tier. just curious not saying one is better!!!!


Think you might be right there! No algorithms means you have to consciously boost something yourself rather than subconsciously relying on a computer to do it for you.

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