Mastodon admins!

You can tweak your instance theme so that it highlights media which do not have a text description:

A lot of people use Mastodon through audio from screen readers, so it is important to encourage your users to add text descriptions to images.

(The theme is made by @balrogboogie and @FiXato , and thank you to @Mayana for letting me know about the theme!)

@feditips @balrogboogie @FiXato @Mayana

I can upload a picture
click edit
click to analyse the text, it stats by saying preparing OCR then says analysing text.

After that nothing happens.

I am not sure if something is happening in the background or if the process has simply stopped.

@zleap @balrogboogie @FiXato @Mayana

I don't know how reliable the OCR is... :/

But you can enter text in the box manually and click "apply" to save it.

@feditips Thank you! I always put image descriptions (ever since I learned how to, at least)! 😄 People have told me how much it helps them. @balrogboogie @FiXato @Mayana

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