It's been exactly one year since FediTips began! :blobcatbirthday: 🎂

Do you have any particular Fediverse-related topics you want more info about? Any requests?

Let me know by replying below...

In the meantime, let's enjoy this avant garde synth birthday song (and no, this isn't me and it wasn't made for FediTips, but it's on the Fediverse so that's a good enough reason to share it!):

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@feditips Congratz! 🥳 🎉 And hopefully a lot more years! ♥️

@feditips I should be more clear. I'm looking for a place to sell my used stuff. So Craigslist is a good option for local selling, ebay would be a good option for global selling.

@edwardloveall @feditips

There are alternatives to organize events, like #mobilizon and OpenKi , but apart from blockchain based stuff I don't know any.

Could be legally challenging to self-host a craigslist-like platform involving real money and also it requires high levels of admin fu to manage and moderate.

@jcast Yeah admin stuff is a good point. I wasn't super clear in my original post, but I'm mostly looking for a way to contact buyers and find sellers for goods.

@edwardloveall @feditips

There is a French grassroots community working on their free software crypto, it's the closest I can think of #ğ1 There is also a similar project in the US, trying to remember the name.


Hmm... good question. I don't know of one, but maybe someone is out there working on one?

@edwardloveall @feditips craigslist doesn't exist in the uk, so I guess the only place is ebay or cex. But yes, we need to focus on getting rid of stuff.

@feditips thank you so much and happy birthday! ✨🎈✨
Here is my question: how is #mobilizon supposed to federate across the fediverse?


On Mobilizon event pages you will see the Fediverse address of the group organising it (it will be in the format "@ (NAME) @ (INSTANCE)").

You can copy and paste this address into Mastodon's search box, then follow the profile that appears in the search results.

@feditips Congratulations, and thank you! How about "searching across the Fediverse"?


I guess technically you can search across the Fedi from any instance, but the amount of results depends on how many connections that instance has to other users.

Also, some instances might not want to be discovered from certain other instances (for example due to incidents of abuse), so searching across the Fediverse may not actually be desirable for everyone.

It's a really interesting question and topic!

@feditips thanks for your job !
Is there a french version of your job ?


Malheureusement, je ne sais pas... ☹️

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