(Not so much a tip but a plea...)

If you want to be able to follow hashtags in Mastodon, please put a thumbs up on the following issue:

If you're a developer, maybe you could contribute to the code to make this possible?

Following hashtags would be really useful for discovering new people to follow. New people would find interesting content more easily too. It would help Mastodon and the Fediverse grow 🌱 👍

@Wheniam64 Profileinstellungen > Tabs > Plus-Symbol > Hashtags > gewünschte Hashtags eingeben und Tab erstellen.

@feditips A sub-problem of this hashtag following one is the way Mastodon shares toots as they are pushed individually to followers. For hashtags to work under this model, a server would need to know who to send hashtagged posts to, so in effect each hashtag starts to become an account but one that gets followed per server. Hashtags really need a gossip network and that requires scalable moderation. Lots of interesting problems to solve for this one.


I don't mean change the way toots become visible on Fediverse, that would be pretty ambitious! :/

I just mean automatically display any posts with a tag which are visible anyway on your instance, i.e. whatever you could see if you searched for that hashtag on your instance.

This is already possible on pinned columns in advanced interface mode?

@feditips That's good to know about. I see it's in Fedibird and probably works the way you're talking about.

@farshidhakimy @feditips Yeah, it's always the same long standing issues coming up.
So @weex, you're proposing gossiping. My idea relies on DHTs instead, but I'm always happy about other approaches as well as this problem isn't trivial to solve.
I am not that familiar with gossiping, some of the apparent problems I had with that approach are to many intermediate nodes as possible censors, possible load balancing issues, and no access to posts before the start of subscription. Also I am not

@farshidhakimy @feditips @weex
sure how well things converge when just random nodes of a highly diverse instance graph start gossiping.

If you (or anyone else) wants to think about this more thoroughly, I am very interested in reading it. Please check out the first sections of my paper though, I collected my view on requirements and problematic aspects that might need to be considered by solutions.

@farshidhakimy @feditips @weex
I hope to be able to continue my work an #Hash2Pub next year, but cannot promise anything.

@schmittlauch @farshidhakimy @feditips Excellent! Thanks for the link. I've been collecting materials on gossip and moderation which is why I looked into how message propagate in the first place. Will add it to the library and comment once I've checked it out.

@weex @farshidhakimy @feditips There are a few errata (e.g. in the load balancing algorithm) and a few slight architecture changes in the DHT since then, but unless you're planning to implement or simulate stuff it's still fine.

Is this the same as issue 945 (created two days earlier in 2017), which appears to have a PR attached to it?

Although looking at the commit in the PR, it doesn't seem obvious to me what the functional change was.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Github

@feditips Back in the day, and GNU Social had the ability to create groups. You could subscribe to them as if following an account, then mention that group to have the message sent to everyone who was subscribed to said group. Odd thing that Mastodon didn't add that functionality again
Cool thing is that Mastodon doesn't necessarily need to support #groups natively.

A group can be created on a different fediverse platform that supports groups (#Zap for example) and then be followed from Mastodon.

@csolisr @feditips Funny thing -- I was just reading the bug report thread about hashtags, and the groups feature is mentioned.

For android users, Fedilab client already has this ability :)

@feditips honestly this would be cool and useful for new users from #twitter and something Twitter don't have. #innovation NOT imitation.

@feditips I do not understand what would be the added value, when the Mastodon web client already allows for pinned hashtags. The point is to have these followed hashtags in the home timeline?


It doesn't allow pinned tags in single column mode, which is the default and is what most new users use.

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