There have been a lot of fresh faces here recently. If you're totally new to Mastodon or the Fediverse, welcome! 👋

It works a bit like email: you only need to sign up on one site, because you can follow people on other sites as the sites talk to each other. Telephones are similar, you can call people on other phone networks without having to buy a new phone, because phone networks are all connected together.

There are lots of good reasons why the Fediverse works like this, here's a thread explaining more about this:

If you're looking for people to follow, here are a couple of good places to try:

Trunk is a community-run opt-in directory of people looking for followers, you can browse it at

FediFollows is a directory of accounts dedicated to specific topics, you can browse it at

If you have any questions about Mastodon or the Fediverse, @ me or DM me!

Hey @feditips I’m trying to find a good instance to join that’s focused on #education and #teaching discussions. Any thoughts on where to look or has one not been established yet? Same goes for people to follow and talk to. Thoughts?


Hey there! There's a list of people looking for followers and interested in education on Trunk:

and academia:

There are also people interested in a number of specific fields listed on Trunk's front page:

FediFollows has some suggestions for academic accounts:

I don't know of any education instances, but if you know someone who wants to start one they might want to take a look at services like (it doesn't require any tech skills).

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