You don't need to have a PeerTube account to interact with PeerTube videos.

You can comment, like, share etc PeerTube videos and subscribe to PeerTube channels entirely from within Mastodon.

Just copy and paste a PeerTube video or account URL into the Mastodon search box and press enter. You will then be able to interact with it just as if it was a Mastodon post or account.

Replies to video posts in Mastodon will appear in PeerTube as comments below the videos.

@feditips Yes that made me go confused for actual mastodon account and an peertube channel. If there is a way to differentiate them it would have been great for beginners too.

@feditips @FOSS_Love That's something Friendica does well, next to the permalink there's an icon showing the instance type.

@mark @FOSS_Love

I wonder if it would confuse beginners more to label things with protocols?

If you interact with Fediverse accounts in exactly the same way, why not just display it in exactly the same way?

If you want to see an account on its home instance in its native interface, click on its profile avatar and it will open in a new window.

But yes, Friendica is maybe the best platform if you want to be aware of all the platforms/protocols being used (and it also has the most options for following different platforms).

@feditips thank you for letting me know about the clicking on profile option, i haven't known about it and it is very helpful.

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