Hey there, this is a bit meta but think I need to clarify what my accounts are for:

@feditips (this one) posts hints about using the Fediverse, including Mastodon, PixelFed etc.

@FediFollows recommends accounts to follow on the Fediverse, covering all kinds of topics.

The only reason a lot of FediFollows recommendations are computing-related is because that's the biggest topic on the Fediverse right now. If the Fediverse become more diverse, I will be able to give more diverse recommendations. I try to promote non-techy accounts when I find them, to help the diversity grow.

FediFollows tends to recommend accounts that focus on one topic, rather than general personal accounts. The best place to find general personal accounts is Trunk (

@FediVideos boosts interesting videos posted on the Fediverse. At the moment that means PeerTube, but if another Fediverse video platform appears then I'd boost that too.

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